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60 Parsecs! – General Starting Tips and Tricks

Simple tips that i’ve found playing so far for people who may be new to read over.

Starting Tips and Tricks

#1: At the moment pick Emmet as your captain, he is vastly superior to the other charecters with perfect stat options and a special ability to generate a small amount of materials every turn which is extrememly usefull in the long run.

#2: Only feed your crew when they are in the “Starving” status as it is a waste of food to give it to them in any other status. (In emergancy situations its sometimes ok to leave them in a starving state for one day but dont try this often as Ive found it sometimes backfires and youll wake up to a new corpse in the morning to deal with)

#3: Make sure to start with a good starting speech and become friendly to your crewmates. If they are not fully loyal to you then they will refuse to go out on scavenging missions making the game vastly more difficult.

#4: Always make sure your either crafting or recycling useless items to make more soup or other useful materials. Its a waste to leave to machine off for a day.

#5: Go on space walks as much as possible because without them it will be hard to keep your crew alive with the lack of materials.

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#6: I dont remember many of the quests but some standout answers are, Dont eat the soap, Repair the Vending machine, Grab the crates floating outside your spacecraft, If your locked outside use agility not strength, If the alien wnats you to spill soup dont spill soup. Also if the computer is malfunctioning be sure to read because I know there is one event where it tests to see if your reading and if you arent and clicking random crap it will auto kill your game. Also dont put any items into the cow offering besides the relic. Another thing if the toilet is clogged ignore it.

#7: In the startup phase I personally recommend grabbing only 1 to 2 people because going alone is near impossible and having 4 will drain your food faster then a 500 pound man in your house.

#8: Try and grab a good mix of items in the startup phase and not just a bunch of soup or be like “omg a gun ima drop everything for da ray gun” -Every 12 year old that plays this game.

#9: Befriend the cockroaches they are suprisingly nice and useful.

#10: If you need intellegenge material and need to recycle an item make sure to upgrade it using the rock material then recycle it to get double the intellegence material.

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Thats all i’ve got for now. Be sure to fix any mistakes that I may have put in and also leave your own tips below and Ill gladly add them overtime and credit you. Good luck Captain!

Written by TheMilkman

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