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60 Parsecs! – Status Effects

The Status Effects the Captain and your crew mates can get throughout the game.


The Captain has three stats, while the crew mates have four stats. Every stat has an effect on the character’s skills (Dexterity, Intelligence & Strength).

Stats and effects

  • Hunger

Hunger has four stages, from worst to best: Starving, Hungry, Ok, Well-Fed.
Starving has an effect of -1 Strength
Hungry has a small negative effect on a crew mate’s Morale if everyone else is Ok or better.
While Well-Fed has an effect of +1 Strength.

Starving/Hungry is gained by not eating enough. Cured by eating.
Well-Fed gained by eating while “Ok”. Lost by not eating.

  • Health

Health has four stages, from worst to best: Hurt, Weak, Ok, Vigorous.
Being “Hurt” means your character (Without healing) will die in a few weeks. -1 Dexterity.
Weak means your character is about to die from starvation or about to die from being Hurt.

Hurt is gained from events and exploring without proper items. Cured via Medkit or Duct Tape (Rare).
Weak is gained usually from Starving or being Hurt. Cured by keeping Hunger “Ok” or higher. Or Medkit.
Vigorous is gained randomly if the character is mostly “Ok” on Hunger and not usually hurt. Lost by exploring dangerous places without equipment.

  • Sanity
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Sanity has three stages, from worst to best: Insane, Ok, Alert
Insane means your character will randomly break things for now. -1 Intelligence.
Being Alert gives +1 Intelligence.

Insanity is gained from events only. Cured with the Sock or Soulmate events.
Alert is gained randomly. Lost by going insane or being weak.

  • Morale

Morale seems to have seven stages for now: Traitor/Afraid, Insubordinate, Ok, Loyal, Friend, Souldmate.
Traitor means that character will likely try to kill the captain.
Afraid means that character fears you, for now the same as “Ok”.
Insubordinate means the character won’t follow orders in events and may break things.
Loyal and Friend means the character will happily follow orders in events and may upgrade things for free.
Soulmate is gained after being friends for sometime with someone. Unlocks a few more events otherwise no different from Loyal/Friend.

All bad stages are gained by treating crew mates poorly and also certain failed events. All good stages are gained by treating crew mates good.

  • Dexterity/Agility/Speed

This stat changes how fast you are in the 60 Seconds Event, and in Survival tends to an approach of stealth, and sneak attacks.

Ranges from (Worst to best): Stiff, Average, Limber, Acrobatic
Changes depend on Statuses and Events.

  • Intelligence
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This stat changes the likelyhood of recieveing extra time in the 60 Seconds Event. In Survival it’s usually involved with computers.

Ranges from (Worst to best): Dumb, Average, Brilliant, Genius
Changes depend on Statuses and Events.

  • Strength

This stat only changes Baby for now in the 60 Seconds Event, giving him one extra inventory slot. In Survival it’s the aggressive approach.

Ranges from: Fragile*, Average, Strong, Mighty
Changes depend on Statuses and Events.
* – This may be under another name.

Misc Effects

Effects that don’t directly belong to any of the four main stats nor skills.

  • Tired

After an expedition the character is Tired for now it seems to be just a “cooldown” on how often that one character can be sent out to do expeditions. Seems to be cured by feeding them regardless of their Hunger Status, or after a few days without leaving the shuttle.

  • Fullfilled

Whenever a captain completes their goal, they gain this. It cannot be lost, nor gained any other way for now. Looks like it raises all three skills by atleast one point.


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