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7 Days to Die Achievement Guide

7 Days to Die has defined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. It presents combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth, in a way that has seen a rapturous response from fans worldwide. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!

7 Days to Die Achievement Guide

Most of the achievements in the game are pretty self explanatory but I wanted to write a piece on each one of them either way. The aim of the guide is to function more like a tips and tricks, where I show how I went about unlocking some of the grindier achievements.

Starting Achievements

The most basic and likely the first achievements you will unlock from just playing the game.

Cause he’s the Ax Man
Unlocked by crafting your first stone axe, as explained by the starting guide at the rop right corner of your screen every new game you start.

Good in the sack
Unlocked by placing your first sleeping bag (or alternatively king sized bed, if dropped for you) the crafting recipe for the sleeping bag is shown as a step in the starting tutorial.

Playing Doctor
This achievement is easily unlocked by getting attacked (likely a few hits from a zombie) at which point an icon above your health meter should appear, indicating that you’re bleeding out. After which you should apply a bandage (which you will spawn with)

Handy Man
This achievement also unlocks by following the starting guide, craft a wood frame.

The Homestead Act
Start a game in multiplayer mode, and you will spawn with a land claim block, just place it and the achievement will unlock.

Crafting Achievements

The achievements in this category are all self explanatory and will unlock after playing long enough. A tip for unlocking them faster is to spam craft wood frames, which take only a few wood each.

Alexander Bell
Craft 50 items

Benjamin Franklin
Craft 500 items

Henry Ford
Craft 1500 items

Thomas Edison
Craft 5000 items

Hidden Achievements

These achievements appear as hidden and without description in your personal achievement tab.

Dig Deep
Simply dig down till you hit bedrock. You’ll know when you reach the bottom by the tan and blue looking floor. It will also make a distinct sound when you hit it like when you hit land claimed territory.

The easiest method to do this is with an auger and just keep it aimed straight down. Also bring plenty of wood for frames or ladders to get yourself back out.

Dirty Larry
For this achievement you will need the .44 Magnum and enough magnum rounds to kill 44 zombies. It’s pretty easy to get if you take your time and aim for the head.
I’m not sure if dogs, wasps, or the zombie bears count towards this achievement.

Evil Knievel
Most people probably get this one by accident… all you need to do is break your leg. A sprain will not do as it must be broken. If you sprain your leg, falling again should break it and grant you the achievement.

On Top of the World
Similar to the Dig Deep achievement, for this one all you need to do is reach the top of the game world. There is an invisible ceiling that you can get to where you can’t build or place any blocks to get higher. Once you reach this point the achievement should unlock.

The easiest way to do this is bring a stack of about 200-300 wood frames. How many you actually need will depend on your altitude when you start. Place a wood frame on the ground, jump on top of it and then keep jumping straight up while placing more frames below you. You’ll keep going way up into the air (check out the view with the new distant terrain) and eventually unlock the achievement.

Make sure there are no zombies around when you do this. If they break a block while you are way up in the air you will fall and possibly die.

The Polar Bare Club
This is probably the trickiest of the hidden achievements but not that hard. What you need to do is get your temperature down to 0 while you are totally naked and 100% wet.

The easiest way to do this is find a snow biome that has a high elevation. The higher your altitude the colder it gets. Find a body of water that is deep enough for you to fully submerge in. Then strip down of all clothing, sit in the water and wait for your temperature to drop. To speed up this process you can wear clothing with a negative thermal value and drink either red tea or Yucca juice as both will help lower your temperature.

Note: Getting your temperature down this low is dangerous and could result in death, be prepared to put warm clothing on and sit next to a fire as soon as you get the achievement.

Player Killing Achievements

These achievements can be unlocked by just playing the game in any open multiplayer servers and killing other people, this might however take exceedingly long. The way I personally unlocked these achievements was by purchasing another copy of the game for my brother and using both of our computers to farm them.

(Requires two computers and 7DTD accounts)

My character had good enough stamina regen and low enough food / water consumption to afk all four achievements.

(1) I did this by equipping a knife, aiming at approximate head level and (in real life) placing a weight on my mouse so that my character would continually stab forward.

(2) I procceeded by taking my brothers character and placing his sleeping bag right infront of the first character.

(3) Manually respawning the second character who would get instantly killed at spawn. This method will take a few hours and requires you to manually respawn one account 250 times. Supposively you could set up scripts on respective computers and automatically farm the achievements.

Kill 10 players

Julius Caesar
Kill 50 players

The Mortician
Kill 500 zombies

The Funeral Director
Kill 2500 zombies

Death Achievements

The latter achievements in this category will more than likely take way too long from just playing regularly. I personally unlocked most of them by pillaring up in the sky and dropping to the ground a couple hundred times.

I unlocked 3/4 of the achievements by

(1) Starting a new world without zombies.

(2) Making a stone axe and bed roll, procceeding to gather enough wood to build a pillar into the sky.

(3) Crafting wooden frames and stacking myself into the sky, I’m not entierly sure how tall of a pillar I made, you’re best off just guessing as you’ll easily find out whether it’s tall enough or not the first time you drop down.

(4) Building a small platform atleast wide enough to fit a sleeping bag and setting spawn on top of it.

(5) I placed a small weight on one of my walking keys (in real life (default: A,S,D,W)) so my character would automatically walk off and die on each respawn.

(6) I manually respawned my character every time he dropped off until I had unlocked the last achievement. Alternatively if you’re savvy you could set up a script to do this for you automatically.

Bite the dust
Die 5 times

Knock em Dead
Die 25 times

Your Number’s Up
Die 100 times

Meet Your Maker
Die 500 times

Wellness Achievements

This set of achievements will take relatively long to unlock but can however be unlocked from regular gameplay. The best way to increase wellness quickly is to eat Meat Stew and drink Golden rod tea, there are a few alternatives that are equally good, which can be seen on their respective stats by clicking them in the inventory. You’ll get hungry faster in colder climates and thirstier in warmer climates (or from using painkillers, take care not to use too many at once as that might lower your wellness).

After reaching wellness level 150 it will take twice as much food and drink to gain more wellness levels as between level 101 – 150. You can lose wellness from getting hit repeatedly, eating bad foods or drinking coffee. You will also lose wellness periodically from starving or becoming dehydrated. Every time you die you lose 10 hard earned points of wellness, you can never go beneath 70 wellness. A tip if you’re struggling to stay alive is to start a zombie free world and grind away at the achievements, taking care not to step on mines, fall from heights or getting too close to bears.

Alive and Kicking
Reached 125 in wellness

Fit as a Fiddle
Reached 150 in wellness

Healthy as a Horse
Reached 175 in wellness

The picture of Good Health
Reached 200 in wellness

Travel Achievements

These achievements can be unlocked after exceedingly long regular play. You can speed up the process by getting a minibike with a high level engine and enough fuel to ride around the map a couple of times, this will still take a long time as you have to walk and / or drive over 1,000,000 blocks.

It may be worth noting that all four achievements instantly unlocked on my brothers computer when I connected him to my server for the first time, seemingly a bug. May or may not be possible to replicate.

Christopher Columbus
Travel 10 kilometers (10,000 blocks)

Ferdinand Magellan
Travel 50 kilometers (50,000 blocks)

Marco Polo
Travel 250 kilometers (250,000 blocks)

Neil Armstrong
Travel 1000 kilometers (1,000,000 blocks)

Score Achievements

Every zombie kill counts as 1 score, meaning that you’ll have to kill a total of 1000 zombies under best circumstance for the last achievement in this category. You will however have to take care not to die too much as every death will remove score in multiples of 5 (ex: 1 death = -5 score, 2 deaths = -10 score … (previous multiples stack, so dying twice will make you lose 15 score).

Scored 10 in a single game (10 zombie kills + deaths times 5 and previous deaths)

Scored 50 in a single game (50 zombie kills + deaths times 5 and previous deaths)

Scored 250 in a single game (250 zombie kills + deaths times 5 and previous deaths)

Scored 500 in a single game (500 zombie kills + deaths times 5 and previous deaths)

Scored 1000 in a single game (1000 zombie kills + deaths times 5 and previous deaths)

Survival Achievements

These achievements have the potential to be very grindy as they will reset every time you die. It might be easier to start a world without zombies and play carefully until the last achievement is unlocked. I would recommend going for the wellness achievements at the same time if you play without zombies.

Brush With Death
Survive for 50 minutes

Near Death Experience
Survive for 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Cheated Death
Survive for 500 minutes (8 hours and 20 minutes)

Nearly Immortal
Survive for 1250 minutes (20 hours and 50 minutes)

It’s end. I hope “7 Days to Die Achievement Guide” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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