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7 Days to Die – Infinite Iron

Nailgun + Full Auto Mod = As many nails as you have space in your inventory x1000.

Infinite Iron


  • Level 2 Nailgun or higher
  • Full Automatic Modification
  • At least 1 nail

What Do

  • Step 1: Apply full auto mod onto nailgun
  • Step 2: Load nailgun
  • Step 3: Attempt to fire gun
  • Step 4: Crash (singleplayer or server (server will crash everyone on the server and the server)
  • Step 5: Reload game
  • Step 6: Attempt to modify nailgun (holding it again will immediatly crash you and the server)
  • Step 7: Have every empty slot in your inventory become filled with full stacks of nails. (Profit)
  • Step 8: Do it again if you want to
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Written by Krendalor

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