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7 Sins: Lost in Labyrinth Solo Survival Guide

Solo survival guide for 7 Sins: Lost in Labyrinth.

Part One: The Basic Gameplay Loop

Lost in Labyrinth is an asymmetrical horror game that places you (and potentially a group of online friends) in a procedurally generated maze with several ghosts and one exit. Reaching the exit requires completing at least one set of objectives, with potentially more if paired with survival companions. Each stage features one Main Ghost named aptly after the level’s sin, and several secondary ghosts that seek to impede you.

As a solo player, it is essential that you learn the fundamental aspects of the game to beat it, otherwise you’ll end up ghost food in no time.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Section One: Movement

Lost in Labyrinth relies on quick thinking and stamina management for survival. You are almost always faster or as fast as the Main Ghost when sprinting, regardless of any speed boosts the ghost has received. Unfortunately, Stamina runs out very fast if not managed properly. Tapping the sprint key for a moment and then letting it recharge slightly ensures that you will maintain distance from the ghosts for a very long period of time.

The Ghosts in the game will track via distance to the player, so whilst sprinting may lose the ghost quickly in the earlier stages of the game… you won’t be able to continually evade the ghosts toward the end game just by running alone.

Crawlspaces are your best friend.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

These holes in the path allow you to not only traverse to other parts of the maze, they also (and most importantly) give you invulnerability while moving through them. This means that all you need to do to escape your ghastly pursuers is find a crawlspace. Typically. Sadly, by the very nature of a randomly generated map not all of the crawlspaces are made equal. You’ll need to be vigilant of the fact that the ghost will try to walk around the path until either it loses aggression via distance or it closes the gap, which is a hell of a lot easier for the ghost to do if the crawlspace exit connects to the path close by. The best crawlspace to have is one that the ghost cannot reach you in any state of the game because the distance is far too great. It is very important to keep these in mind as a go to point and be mindful not to lose them, they will save your life many times over and make escaping much easier.

Section Two: Items

Aside for the Crawlspaces, this game has a few nifty gimmick items to help in your survival.


Lost in Labyrinth: Solo GuideA simple bag of salt that can be set down as a ghost trap. If any ghost steps in this salt when *poured*, they will immediately be stunned for a few seconds, before teleporting to another part of the maze. Very useful for completing dangerous objectives with no safe areas nearby.


Lost in Labyrinth: Solo GuideThese lanterns are a bit of a hit or miss item. They’ll teleport the player of the corresponding color (always white if solo) to a Random spot on the map. This means potentially dangerous areas as well. Very useful as a get out of jail free card if in an active chase but otherwise I’d say to use with caution.


Lost in Labyrinth: Solo GuideThe saving grace of many solo runs, and the death of many online ones. This powerful item allows the user to revive themselves after being brutally murdered by the ghosts, and moreso it allows you to revive at any location! This is by far the most useful item in the game and losing these early can kill a run (So be mindful not to use them all if playing online). When starting a Maze, you’ll get 2 medkits as a solo player and more when playing with friends, so be sure to ration them well and save them for the endgame when deaths become much more common.


Lost in Labyrinth: Solo GuideA menacing skull totem, this item allows partial vision of the surrounding area of the mini-map. Works great as a marker for the exit or a more clear look of an area. The item description implies that using the totem alerts the ghost to your position, but I haven’t really seen any in-game evidence to support that.

Part Two: The Levels of Sin

Before talking about how to beat the levels as a solo player, there is a very importantly universal feature that is essential to know. Regardless of the maze you pick, you will be given an objective to complete as a requirement to escape. Making ANY progress on this objection will ALWAYS spawn the Main Ghost near you, and will also vastly increase their speed and teleporting frequency for each objective completed. Furthermore, each level you complete will have the chance(?) to spawn ghosts from the previous level as enemies, making each level more difficult to navigate than the last.

Maze 1: The Sin of Lust

The first and easiest level, the maze is a somewhat small 9×9 in a dark and gloomy forest with a simple task: find and burn the souls inhabiting it to allow you to make your exit.

Doing so requires that you find and place firewood scatted throughout the map:
Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

…and then collection the lost “souls”, which are currently occupying notes and messages scattered throughout the map:

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Place the firewood and interact with said fire with the note in your inventory to burn it and release the soul trapped within. Doing this will spawn a hostile mini-ghost that represents the soul. You’ll need to use your Camera to flash the Soul, damaging it until it is defeated and set to rest.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

As soon as the soul is defeated, the Main ghost will spawn and begin hunting you, as you have completed a step of the objective. It is advised to burn souls near a safe crawlspace for an easy escape.
Given the nature and size of the level, you can either quickly consolidate all the notes for a fast burning session to get a quick escape, or run around and burn them piecemeal whilst evading the main ghost.
Once the souls have been set free, you’ll trigger the endgame.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Every maze turns a harrowing red once the tasks are done, and the ghost become relentless in their pursuit. You’ll need to find an exit and escape at all costs.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Maze 2: The Sin of Greed

Moving on to the second level, you’ll find the difficulty to have increased quite considerably. Taking place in an overgrown stone maze littered with childrens toys, you’ll find the objective this time to be unlocking the chests littered throughout the maze and stealing the money inside. The catch with this maze is that both the chests are locked and can only be seen with your phone camera.

You’ll first want to obtain the passcodes by flashing the moving toys seen throughout the level.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Doing so will ‘pop’ them, dropping a much needed code.
After that, simply find a chest using your phone and unlock it by interacting with the padlock and enter the code. You do not need to have the note in your inventory when unlocking it, allowing you to bring an item if needed.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Once the chest is unlocked a wad of cash will be left on the floor, picking this up will complete an objective and spawn Greed right nearby. Because completing objectives causes the ghost to increase in speed, it is a viable strategy to unlock all the chests prior to grabbing any money to reduce the difficulty of the level.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Once all 8 stacks of money have been collected the endgame will occur, so it would be best to plan your route if you are going to collect the cash all at once.

Maze 3: The Sin of Envy

If you’ve made it this far, may lord have mercy on your soul. Arriving as a rather large 11×11 maze, this level is by far the most painful maze for a solo. Getting a bad layout here can make life very difficult, so make sure to use items to compensate for dead ends or lack of crawlspaces. Taking place in a eerie traditional garden, Envy’s objective is that of matching pieces. Scattered about the level are bloody glass shards:

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

These pieces of glass must be collected and cleaned at one of two wells that spawn in the map:

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Once cleaned, you must find and inspect mirrors in the level and search for a hidden symbol that can only be seen with your phone camera:

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

Matching the pieces from the now cleaned shards onto their respective mirrors completes the objective for the level. To assist you there are two bloody bags that spawn that can hold up to 5 shards, cleaned or bloody. Every time you add the matching piece to a mirror, Envy will teleport to you and begin hunting you. You will find this maze to be a pretty fair challenge to overcome, essentially being forced to play a match ’em game in a giant maze with multiple enemies to deal with and having to juggle bags around to match pieces. The easiest way to complete this level would be to set aside the matching pieces beside their mirrors, and then quickly added them one after the next to somewhat bypass the speed increase the ghosts get from doing so.

Once the mirrors have all been matched, book it to the exit and pray to god that you don’t get sandwiched by the ghosts.

It took me an hour to complete this level due to the prep I needed to set myself up for success, and while you can probably do it a lot faster, it isn’t gonna be a cakewalk by any means.

And with that, you’ve *hopefully* beaten the first three levels!

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

I wish you gamers luck in your ghost hunting endeavors, make me proud =)

Tips and tricks

A few useful tips:

-The phone camera can stun the Main ghost (Or other Sin Ghosts) for a brief moment, although it usually takes multiple flashes (2, typically) to do so. Recommended as a last resort rather than a defensive measure due to the inconsistency of the flash.

– You’ll find a ghost from Lust and up that isn’t a part of the Sin Ghosts, and I’ve yet to find an official name for her yet. I just call her Hide and Seek since that seems to be what she wants to play, but she is a giant pain for endgame situations.

Lost in Labyrinth: Solo Guide

She won’t attack you when your player model (Not your point of view, but the direction your actual character is facing) is facing toward her. Turn your back, and she’ll blink forward slightly every now and then. Getting too close to her or letting her get close to you results in a jumpscare death, making her very effective at sandwiching you and getting you killed. I highly recommend moving away immediately if you ever come in contact with her so that she can spawn elsewhere and not cause issues.

-All of the secondary ghosts will sit idly in a random spot unless provoked. Triggering aggro and then losing it will cause the ghost to teleport elsewhere. This is an essential trick for reaching objectives or items blocked by a ghost.

– Be very careful running while completing an objective, as the ghost can sometimes still be ‘blinking’ before you see it, and end up killing you. Since you know the ghost will teleport nearby, it is often better to wait a moment to see the ghosts location before trying to move away. At later stages of the game it is often better to take that gamble though, as by the time the ghost’s first blink is done it will usually be right on top of you.

-Sticking to the walls of paths can be usefully for avoiding walking into a freshly teleporting ghost, since they typically teleport in the center of the path.

Death is a blessing in disguise. Use down time to learn the map, find objective locations, and position yourself for success. It really helps safely learning the maze.

-Most importantly, you can moonwalk by rotation your character and tapping A and D while holding forward. (Essential quality of life tip)

Written by Ditched

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