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7’scarlet Walkthrough for All Endings and Achievements

A straight-to-the-point guide to help you get any achievements you may be missing, as well as navigate you through whatever route you wish to pursue.

General Hub

Hello Everyone!

First off, a lot of the choices i’ll be listing in the beginning of each route are pretty much meaningless, in the sense that they do not grant you any points towards said guy. You’ll know if a choice matters because a flower effect will happen when you pick the right one. Now, don’t freak out! Because it’s not until the route actually *starts* that this effect will happen. So choices listed under *general route* are really just backstory, more time with said boy, and/or a bonus cg for your intended love interest.

With this being said, however, some choices lead to Toa & Sosuke’s route unlocking, I will tag which ones are important with a *, the rest are optional. The Manager’s route requires no previous choices, you simply select it when you start up a new game and the click, “Yuzuki Murakumo Route from the beginning” in the scenario list.

Recommended Route Order
Hino > Isora > Toa > Sosuke > Yuzuki > True Route > Secret Character

While Hino & Isora’s routes are both available immediately, it makes more since to follow above as it’s a constant buildup of information the further you go along. Toa’s will unlock after you complete Hino or Isora’s, however, it’s better to just go in order rather than bounce around.

For Achievement Hunters

  • You receive an achievement every happy end, after obtaining all of the cgs per guy, and all in general, and for collecting all of the tips.
  • Only Hino’s Bad End 1 is required for you to go through, as it gives you a tip.
  • Some normal ends contain CGs, not all but some. I’ll list which ones do.
  • You do not have to run through all endings to unlock all of the achievements, happy & some normal ends are enough.

For Readers

  • Don’t scroll to far ahead as choices can contain spoilers.
  • Try not to scroll down to the bonus character or to the true route until you’ve made it that far, as those are definite spoilers.
  • Finally, you know the opening scene at the beginning with the woman running? That extends 3 times. The final extension will be once you began Yuzuki’s, but before then it’ll update for each completed route. (2 max) So basically once after Hino’s, and again after Isora or Toa’s.

Hopefully this guide is somewhat helpful, good luck and feel free to let me know who your favorite guy was! As well as if you have any questions!

Hino Kagutsuchi

General Route:

  • Yeah, I’ll wake you up.
  • Purple Flower
  • I don’t like him that much.
  • Yeah, I do.
  • Of course I remember.
  • Hino Kagutsuchi
  • Take a bath.
  • Go through the red curtain.
  • Take a good look at the wind chimes.
  • Swim in the river with Hino (cg)
  • I’m honestly just on vacation.
  • Go with Hino.

Achievement Unlocked: The Melancholy of Hino Kagutsuchi

Hino’s Route: Happy Ending

  • It looks good on you.
  • Want some shaved ice?

❋ Hino Save #1 ❋

  • Go check on Hino.
  • Go for a walk.

❋ Hino Save #2 ❋

  • Dry it with a handkerchief.
  • Clean the baths with Hino (cg)
  • I can’t think of anyone.
  • Yeah, you’re right.

❋ Hino Save #3 ❋

  • Continue looking for your brother.
    (Please keep in mind that if you examine the floor first, you essentially end the search)
  • Examine the object housing the shrine deity.
  • Examine the walls.
  • Examine the floor.

Achievement Unlocked: Smile of the Distant Sun.

Hino’s Route: Normal Ending

✽ Load Hino save #3 ✽

  • Think it over for a bit.
  • Examine the floor.

Achievement Unlocked: Rare Character Collector.

Hino’s Low Affection Bad Ending

✽ Load Hino save #2 ✽

  • Wash it off with water.
  • Say you’ll take a bath tomorrow.
  • [Pick someone’s name]
  • You seem kind of different.
  • Continue looking for your brother.

Hino’s Bad Ending #1

(Please remember this end is required for a tip)
✽ Load Hino save #1 ✽

  • Go thank Mr. Tsukuyomi.
  • Tell him you came to look for your brother.

Hino’s Bad Ending #2

✽ Load Hino save #3 ✽

  • Go back to Tokyo for now.

Isora Amari

*I personally started the game from General Route: Second Chapter, but for those of you who started from the beginning i’ll list all the options. You can pick the opposites of these options and it won’t matter up until “Help Isora”

General Route:

  • Yeah, I’ll wake you up. (or) Wake yourself up.
  • Crescent Moon Pendant (tip)(*)
  • I don’t like him that much.
  • I’m more of a dog person.
  • Of course I remember.
  • Isora Amari
  • Take a good look at the wind chimes.
  • Help Isora (cg)(*)
  • I’m honestly just on vacation.
  • Go with Isora (*)

Achievement Unlocked: Isora Amari’s Dedication.

Isora’s Happy Ending

  • Look away.
  • I wanted to watch you cook.
  • Thank Isora.

❋ Isora Save #1 ❋

  • I trust you.
  • Go for a ride on a boat. (cg)
  • After Yuki left…

❋ Isora Save #2 ❋

  • I’ll get them.

❋ Isora Save #3 ❋

  • Blindly trust him.

❋ Isora Save #4 ❋

  • Stay in the room.

Achievement Unlocked: Endless Sky.

Isora’s Normal Ending

✽ Load Isora save #3 ✽

  • Ask him what’s going on.(cg)
  • Stay in the room.

Achievement Unlocked: Apprentice Chef

Isora’s Low Affection Bad Ending

✽ Load Isora save #1 ✽

I want to trust you.
Don’t go for a ride on a boat.
Right before Yuki left…
I’ll get them.

Isora’s Bad End 1

✽ Load Isora save #2 ✽

  • Let’s get them together.

Isora’s Bad End 2

✽ Load Isora save #4 ✽

  • Leave the room

Toa Kushinada

*It’s worth it to start from the beginning with Toa’s route, as you can easily miss a cg if you simply start from General Route: Second Chapter.

General Route

Wake yourself up.
White Cat Brooch
Yeah, I kind of like him.
Yeah, I do.
Hmmm… Did we meet…?
Toa Kushinada
Take a bath (must choose)
Go through the blue curtain (cg)
Go to the Fuurin Cafe alone
Take a little longer with Yua
Ask her what she did last night.
Talk with Toa (*)
Go for a short walk (*)
Go with Toa (*)

Achievement Unlocked: Toa Kushinada’s Heartbreak.

Toa’s Happy Ending

You seemed like you were having fun.
Try a bite from Toa’s skewer
You’re so kind, Toa.
Yeah, okay.

❋ Toa save #1 ❋
I’m glad you told me all that.
Ask if there’s anything you can do.

❋ Toa save #2 ❋
Head to the tunnel.

❋ Toa save #3 ❋
Why did you pick me?
Toa, let’s get out of here!

Achievement Unlocked: LOVESICK.

This ending will extend after the completion of the True Route ending, this will grant you a tip for reading it. Simply select it from the scenario list and it’ll pop up after the credits.

Toa’s Normal Ending

✽ Load Toa save #3 ✽
How am I supposed to trust you?

Toa’s Low Affection Bad End

✽ Load Toa save #1 ✽
I hope the concert is a success.
Think about what you should do.
Head to the tunnel.
How am I supposed to trust you?

Toa’s Bad End

✽ Load Toa Save #2 ✽
Go to the overlook

Sosuke Tatehira

*Once again, you can technically start the game from General Route: Second chapter, but i’ll list all options for your convenience.

General Route:

Wake yourself up.
Purple Flower Hair Ornament
I don’t like him that much.
I’m more a dog person.
Hmmm… Did we meet…?
Sosuke Tatehira
Go to sleep
Take a good look at the wind chimes.
Take a walk with Sosuke (important)
Go for a short walk
Walk a little while longer (important)

Go with Sosuke

Achievement Unlocked: Sosuke Tatehira’s Decision.

Sosuke’s Happy Ending

Are you bored?
Offer him your mizu-ame.
Because you didn’t smile much.
Be happy
…silently put my hand on his.
I feel the same.

❋ Sosuke save #1 ❋
Open the door
[Feel free to choose whatever, but Sosuke is best option!]

❋ Sosuke save #2 ❋
Stay here.
Mr. Tsukiyomi

Achievement Unlocked: The Optical Illusion Clears.
Achievement Unlocked: Doctor of Medicine.

(At this point, you technically are free to no longer be bothered by Sosuke’s route, you’ve unlocked all the achievements it contains. But i’ll be listing the rest of the ends for those curious)

Sosuke’s Normal Ending

✽ Load Sosuke save #1 ✽
Be cautious
Any Choice
Stay here
Mr. Tsukiyomi

Sosuke’s Bad End

✽ Load Sosuke save #2 ✽
Go back to your room

Yuzuki Murakumo

*Click new game, it should tell you his route has been unlocked. Select is beautiful glare from the scenario list. Should say something along the lines Yuzuki Murakumo Route: Start from the beginning.

Achievement Unlocked: Yuzuki Murakumo’s Atonement.

Yuzuki’s Happy Ending

Those flowers are beautiful.
Ignore him.
Stay silent.
Be quiet.
[Any option, however, “Other” is pretty funny]

❋ Yuzuki save #1 ❋
I was so scared.

❋ Yuzuki save #2 ❋
Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri

❋ Yuzuki save #3 ❋
…I’m not sure.
Is it Yasu?

❋ Yuzuki save #4 ❋
Throw something

Achievement Unlocked: Looking up at the Moon.
Achievement Unlocked: Ideal Boss.

Yuzuki’s Normal End

✽ Load Yuzuki save #3 ✽
I do.
Is it you, Yuzuki?
Throw something.

❋ Yuzuki save #5 ❋
Look away

Yuzuki’s Low Affection Bad End

✽ Load Yuzuki save #1 ✽
You’re late.
Ask him about what happened to Tsuzuri
I do.
Is it you, Yuzuki?
Throw something

Yuzuki’s Bad End 1

✽ Load Yuzuki save #2 ✽
Ask him about the Ensepulchers

Yuzuki’s Bad End 2

✽ Load Yuzuki save #4 ✽

Yuzuki’s Bad End 3

✽ Load Yuzuki save #5 ✽
Stare at it

True Route

A-to/Toa Happy Ending
Women’s bath (this is the correct answer and will garner yourself praise from Yuki, but otherwise you can pick either option)

Achievement Unlocked: An Endlessly Continuing World.
Achievement Unlocked: Lead Singer.

Now that you’ve completed the True Route, go back to the scenario list and replay Toa’s happy ending again, skip the credits and enjoy the water works some more. This is required for achievement hunters because this end unlocks a tip. His happy ending is extended.

Secret Bonus Character

Hanate’s Happy Ending

  • Check the bell by the door
  • Check the staff room
  • Check the sofa (right option)
  • [Doesn’t matter what you pick here, just prepare your tissues]

Congratulations! You’ve finished the game. If you’ve been following the guide, all of the below should unlock:

  • Achievement Unlocked: Treasure Chest of Memories
  • Achievement Unlocked: Smiles All Around
  • Achievement Unlocked: Welcome to the Okunezato Supernatural Club

If the achievement for obtaining all CGs doesn’t pop up, simply go to your gallery and view a CG or click through the guys and:

  • Achievement Unlocked: FIN (should pop up)
  • Achievement Unlocked: Okunezato Master

Thanks for Reading

Welp, this is the end of the guide! I hope that you found it helpful and you were able to obtain any achievement you might’ve been missing and that my guide helped you figure it out!

Written by Chudah

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