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A Story About My Uncle – Achievements Guide

In this guide, you’re gonna know how can you reach all achievements in this game, enjoy it.


You will see the following topics:

  • Collectibles
  • Perfect Run
  • Maddie’s Challenge
  • Grapple Challenge
  • Others


To reach this achievement, I recommend that you beat the game first, after that, you can choose any stage that you want (this is gonna help you to get this achievement more easy)

Below you gonna see some videos where they help you to get all collectibles in the game, good luck.


Ice Cave

Star Haven



Perfect Run

To reach all achievements that you have to perfect run the stages, first, you need to practice a little, then you’ll get the hang of it.

Note: You can’t fall, if you fall you need to back to main menu and play again choosing the stage

  • Sanctuary Perfect Run
  • Village Perfect Run
  • Ice Cave Perfect Run
  • Star Haven Perfect Run
  • Chasms Perfect Run

If you get some problem with this achievements, check out this video from Youtube, is a walkthrough.

Note: In the description, you can see all stages, enjoy it.

Maddie’s Challenge

This achievement is so hard to reach, but, with practice you can reach it easy.

Below is a video from youtube, watch and try in your game, good luck.

Grapple Challenge

Now, you gonna see some challenges that say to you that you have to beat some stage without use 23 grappes, sometimes is 20 grappes, whatever.

Sanctuary Grapple Challenge
Complete Sanctuary using less than 23 Grapples

Village Grapple Challenge
Complete Village using less than 20 grapples

Chasms Grapple Challenge
Complete Chasms using less than 34 Grapples

Star Haven Grapple Challenge
Complete Star Haven using less than 55 Grapples

Ice Cave Grapple Challenge


Now, all others achievements

That’s gold, Maddie! Gold!

If he could do it, I could do it too

Filled with Wanderlust

Thank you to check up my guide, I hope that I helped you to reach all achievements.

Written by Kaisser

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