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Abiotic Factor Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Abiotic Factor Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some assorted tips and tricks.

  1. You can easily get an anvil on the first floor for a repair station as soon as the first night. To do so, while it is night and the power is off, go to the vent in Storage that took you to the cafeteria, and head straight ahead through the hallway past it into another vent. There is normally a large fan in here that is on, but because the power is off, it is no longer moving. Be warned that the room below is dark and full of Carbuncles (the floor/wall enemies that grab you with their tongue) as well as one Pecarry (the four-legged alien monster), so be adequately prepared. You may want to wait in the vent behind the fan until day comes and then go inside, so that you have light.
  2. Night lasts from 9PM to 6AM and power to almost everything will be shut off, except for some exceptions like charging stations. Also, security bots come out at night, but you can also fight them during the day (you will need to) by breaking their charging stations. This is recommended for obvious reasons.
  3. Pooping yourself is actually a valid strategy (wait for the toilet need to run out). It is currently the only way I found to obtain feces, which is required to make soil for gardening. The only downside is a debuff that attracts enemies, which can be removed by washing, which you should always do with tainted water, like in the fountain or pool, to avoid wasting fresh water. You need one plastic scrap to pick up the feces.
  4. Soup is one of the best foods you can get, as it never spoils and creates a large amount of servings that fill both hunger and thirst. You need one liter of fresh water, both variants of Pest meat (rump and regular) and a cooking pot (one can be found free on the second floor kitchen), as well as a soup bowl (recipe obtained by finding a stapler) and at least one level of cooking skill. Fill the pot with fresh water, put it on a stove, and then add both raw pest rump and regular raw pest. You will get Pest Goulash, which restores 30 hunger and 10 thirst eight times. A soup bowl can store one serving (two uses). You may also be able to make tomato soup, but I have not tried this. I have not been able to get a Pecarry soup working, either.
  5. You can also use pots to boil one liter of tainted water into 0.5L of fresh water. You can use water coolers to store water of both types and also fill pots with water. You can also fill a pot with water by placing it in a sink and using a water bottle, or by bringing them to a fountain/pool, for tainted water.
  6. The demo ends, without story spoilers (but still spoiler-tagged anyway because I don’t know), after you have unlocked level 1 security through a hacking device. The door you unlock on the third level takes you to the end of the demo.
  7. You can take maps from any of the map displays on each floor. To view the map, open your journal, click on the current location, and then click on the map on the right side of the screen that you wish to view. It does not show your location, but it is handy either way.
  8. The vacuum is the most powerful weapon per-shot currently in the game, it instantly kills Pests but, most importantly, can use them as ammo for massive damage. It can be obtained very early on by finding Raw Carbuncle (stomp on a Carbuncle). The one downside is that it uses live Pests as ammo and can only store one at a time, but it can make killing enemies much easier.
  9. Aiming for the head with ranged weapons seems to increase damage considerably. Unsure if there is an equivalent weak point on the security bots.
  10. You can upgrade your workbench to use crafting materials from nearby storage. This requires Exor hearts, which you can find on Level 3.
  11. You can scrap nets into Cloth Scrap. This lets you duplicate Cloth Scrap (and nets) endlessly. You can use this to grind out crafting to level 5 so you can repair using items from storage.
  12. Cloth Rope says you are too weak to climb it, but increasing strength to level 5 does not let you climb it. So don’t bother grinding it out just for that. It seems to currently be impossible in the demo.
  13. You can find a Glock but you cannot use it due to a biolock. This currently has no way to unlock it in the Playtest.
  14. The crossbow’s aiming is based on the faint dot sight you see on the screen. Increasing accuracy simply increases the range at which it turns red and starts wobbling (highly recommended to grind out on pests/carbuncles, as a result).
  15. The Makeshift Spear is a direct upgrade to the knife. You can unlock it by packaging a Standing Lamp.
  16. Sleeping does not advance time (currently). So this means you cannot skip the night by sleeping, but it does mean you can sleep at any time without consequence. Jump over the Pests in the minigame to sleep faster.
  17. The hammer is actually a terrible tool for breaking things due to how fast it breaks. Make a pipe club instead.
  18. What the hammer is good for is dismantling packageable objects by right-clicking for guaranteed resources. If you have a shield that prevents this, you can put away your shield by pressing holster (default H).
  19. Cold doesn’t seem to do anything, not even standing in the freezer. It may increase need drain and reduce health/stamina regeneration, but I haven’t tested this.
  20. In multiplayer, you can use the emote wheel (default key: B) to select the Pager. This shows your position to all players for a short amount of time. The tutorial tells you this, but a surprising amount of people did not seem to notice.
  21. How to level up each skill (most are obvious, but some aren’t documented in-game):
    • Sprinting: By sprinting, lmao
    • Strength: Go over your carry limit but don’t fill up the bar entirely, and walk around. Yellow gives a small exp gain per second, light red gives a large one, and full red means you’re full and won’t get any exp.
    • Throwing: Throw nets (or anything else), anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be at something. This makes it rather easy to grind.
    • Sneaking: Sneak around enemies that haven’t noticed you.
    • Blunt/Sharp Melee: Hit enemies with weapons.
    • Accuracy: Shoot any enemy with a ranged weapon (Vacuum-fired Pests and Crossbows, currently).
    • Reloading: Reload your weapon. You can retrieve crossbow bolts you fire occasionally (random chance), so you can grind this if you have enough.
    • Fortitude: Take damage. Unsure if the amount of damage matters yet.
    • Crafting: Crafting and scrapping. Different items give different amounts of exp.
    • Construction: Break packageable objects by failing to package them, use screwdriver on objects to build them (can be easily grinded).
    • First Aid: Craft healing items, or use them.
    • Cooking: Cook food.
    • Agriculture: Craft anything related to growing plants, as well as taking care of the plants themselves.

I will add more to this as time goes in. If you have any recommendations to add, please let me know.

Written by Grammer

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