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Ace Combat 7 How to Earn MRP

Ace Combat 7 How to Earn MRP

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown introduced Aircraft Tree to the Ace Combat series. Here, you can spend MRP which you have earned for completing storyline tasks or for participating in online battles. The Tree consists of several lines that are connected to each other, so, in order to unlock the later parts, you will have to first complete the previous ones.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to unlock everything that the Tree has to offer in one walkthrough of the storyline campaign, and the Tree offers new aircraft, weapons and equipment. Having unlocked a new fighter, you get one special weapon. The remaining two stay locked, and you will have to spend MRP to unlock them.

Important. You will get MRP not only for the first walkthrough of the mission but also for the replay. To get additional MRP, you will most likely have to switch to Free Play and find all 24 Aces which are carefully concealed in the game world. We will discuss this topic in detail in a separate guide. However, you will still have to learn how to farm MRP even if you find all of them.

There are two options for farming MRP:

  • Participate in numerous multiplayer modes.
  • Replay missions in Free Play mode.
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The first option – Multiplayer
Online multiplayer mode is the fastest and best way to farm MRP. Even if you get the lowest ranking in the session, you still earn 70000 MRP as a reward. One game session lasts just a few minutes, so it’s a great solution to the problem, especially since you do not have to reach the top rank. Obviously, if you get to the top ranks, your reward will be increased.

The second option – Free Play

There are certain gamers that simply hate online modes, and of course, they will refuse to use them to farm in-game currency. For such characters, we propose a second method of earning MRP – a replay of storyline missions in Free Play mode.

We recommend paying attention to two missions which will provide you with a good reward – Farbanti and Fleet Destruction. The 19th mission is too long, but you will get plenty of MRP when you complete it. When exploring Aircraft Tree, we liked a branch that allows you to unlock F22 Raptor fighter. We advise getting it as soon as possible, as this plane is universal for all tasks, is equipped with powerful weapons and allows you to complete missions without hassle.

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