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Ace Combat 7 Mission 10 Transfer Orders (Location of All SAMs)

Location of All SAMs in Mission 10: Transfer Orders

In Mission 10: Transfer Orders, you will need to protect your commander who flies in the direction of the airfield. To allow him to safely reach his destination, you must find the location of 9 anti-aircraft guns that are not marked on the radar.

To find them, you will have to carefully study the map and navigate along the smoke trail. The task is complicated by the fact that the weather is cloudy, so it will be difficult to detect all targets. On the screenshot below, you will find the location of all the objects you need in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

1. First, we recommend moving forward and shoot all SAMs that are located in the eastern part. Then, turn around and go west where you should do the same.

2. In total, you will need to find 9 SAMs. Once the enemy fighters appear, deal with them first and then proceed to anti-aircraft guns.

3. If you deal with SAMs quickly enough, a new Ace will appear on the battlefield.

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