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Ace Combat 7 Mission 13 Bunker Buster Guide (How to Detect Real Bunkers)

How to Detect Real Bunkers in Mission 13: Bunker Buster

Storyline missions in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown are diverse, so while some missions can be completed without any tension, others will require speed, accurate shots and even wit. In this article, we will talk about ‘’Mission 13: Bunker Buster’’, in which you will not be allowed to use special weapons.

Instead, the game will force you to use an obscure aiming module that allows you to send bombs to small missile bunkers. Some of these bunkers will be fake and some real. The set of real and fake bunkers is always randomized. Also, you don’t have much time to complete this mission.

However, there’s a small trick that allows you to complete the task easily and quickly. If you destroy five bunkers in a timely manner, an Ace will appear on the map. The most important thing is that the location of real bunkers will be different each time you load the map.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

1. Despite the fact that real bunkers appear at random places when you are loading the level, they will remain at the same positions if you try again to complete the mission from the very beginning.

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2. To speed up the walkthrough, shoot all sites and then mark bunkers’ location on a sheet of paper. Then, start the mission from the very beginning and go to your targets.

3. When aiming from the new weapon, follow the two circles. If you hold the sight so that the bunker is in the inner (red) circle, you will destroy it from the first shot. If the bunker is in the outer circle, it will launch a missile if you are attacking a real bunker.

4. In this case, fly higher and shoot at the open shaft of the bunker where you can see the missile. Having destroyed it, you will eliminate the bunker itself.

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