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Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Dogfighting Tips

Dogfighting Tips

Dogfighting is a term given to when two fighters are attempting to get the other in their line of sight to make a clear shot. You’ll be doing a lot of this in Ace Combat 7; dancing and corkscrewing your way to a kill is part and parcel of the game’s action.

Gaining the upper hand isn’t too tricky, but you’ll need to be aware of a few elements. Perhaps the most important is the direction in which the enemy is facing. You can see the orientation of an enemy fighter on your radar in the bottom left corner – they look like little arrowheads. Wherever it’s pointing, that’s where it’s heading. Your best shot at a hit is when the enemy plane is directly ahead and flying away from you. Your missiles may have homing capabilities, but they’re not miracle workers. The straighter the shot, the better. If the enemy is flying straight towards you, it can be risky to take a shot as they’ll zoom past you before your missiles can land.

It might sound obvious, but the best thing to do, at least for new players, is to follow the arrow on your HUD. Ideally, you want the enemy in the center of your view, and that’s the simplest way to make that happen. Some clever navigation might be faster, but until you’ve mastered the controls, follow your arrow.

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A few other things to bear in mind:

  • You’re only locked onto an enemy when the indicator around them is red. Try not to waste your missiles.
  • When close enough, a reticle for your machine gun will appear on your screen. It may be wildly off centre, but that’s because it’s compensating relative to the enemy’s trajectory. Line up this reticle with the target to deliver some quick damage.
  • Use high-G turns to quickly change your path and get the drop on enemies.
  • Most enemy aircraft can be taken down with two standard missiles. If you have a good shot, double tap circle to send both of your loaded missiles out together for an immediate kill.

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