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Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown High-G turns and Clouds

High-G turns

High-G turns are manoeuvres which allow you to make much tighter turns than normal. The way to do it is to hold down both triggers and push the left stick in the desired direction. Performing this move has its advantages and disadvantages — it’s great when dogfighting, and you need to turn quickly to line up a shot against your opponent. However, high-G turns will dramatically decrease your speed. Holding one for too long will see your plane stall, which will throw you off your path and could potentially cause you to crash. If you’re able to make effective use of this manoeuvre, you should have little trouble with enemy planes.


Where clouds in previous Ace Combat games have been purely visual, the volumetric clouds in AC7 are the real deal, and even have their own gameplay implications. You can use clouds as a form of cover, hiding from enemy fire. However, passing through them will result in water droplets forming on your canopy, reducing visibility. If you linger in the vapours for too long, this water will start to freeze, which will really play havoc with your ability to fly effectively.

They can also screw with the homing range of your missiles, and in thunderstorms, lightning strikes can disable your instruments, meaning your HUD will get all messed up for a while. Be careful when you’re out flying in poor conditions, pilot.

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