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Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown S-Ranks and You!

So you want to slap an S-rank on each mission for that Sol Emblem and some nicknames?

Well you’ve come to the wrong place. Just kidding. This guide will not be a walk-through so much as it is a guideline for target scores and times. Below you’ll find my records on each mission with a bit of advice on certain ones.

Mission Tables

Each of these records is on HARD difficulty.
For a large majority of these missions, I used an Su-57 with PLSL Pods.
Assume that on each mission that an Ace was shotdown.

Mission 01: Charge Assault
Score Time
12,080 6’08″83
Remember to bring 4AAM if you want to spawn PYRO.

Mission 02: Charge the Enemy
Score Time
10,120 6’09″44

Mission 03: Two-pronged Strategy
Score Time
18,540 8’32″17

Mission 04: Rescue
Score Time
20,550 13’03″10

Mission 05: 444
Score Time
17,400 7’14″89

Mission 06: Long Day
Score Time
31,010 –‘–“–

Mission 07: First Contact
Score Time
8,500 11’23″51

Mission 08: Pipeline Destruction
Score Time
29,470 9’57″22

Mission 09: Faceless Soldier
Score Time
13,050 9’39″60

This one was difficult until I figured out the points and time. The important thing here is that you should shoot down SPIDER and destroy the last radar site with 7,000pts, if that fails, go higher.

Mission 10: Transfer Orders
Score Time
11,620 12’28″74

Mission 11: Fleet Destruction
Score Time
41,910 –‘–“–

Mission 12: Stonehenge Defensive
Score Time
35,950 16’38″18

Mission 13: Bunker Buster
Score Time
19,660 6’56″39

Another challenging one. A fast aircraft will be a big help for this. During the first phase destroy 3 of the 5 silos and immediately, shoot down 2-3 Typhoons that give chase, then the other 2 silos. You want to destroy the 5 silos in enough time that the Named Enemy COMET spawns. Immediately turn after him in the second phase and down him, then refocus on the IRBM. After the first one is destroyed, take out the two Su-33/35s and focus on the last two IRBMs.

Mission 14: Cape Rainy Assault
Score Time
15,130 8’54″57

This one was not as difficult but for a bit of ease in getting GADFLY to appear and for time, I used the Gripen E with LACMs since its one of the smaller planes for flying through the canyon at the start.

Mission 15: Battle for Farbanti
Score Time
38,490 20’23″85

Mission 16: Last Hope
Score Time
22,720 17’09″75

Mission 17: Homeward
Score Time
27,990 14’14″24

30,530 was the previous mark for Homeward.

Mission 18: Lost Kingdom
Score Time
13,240 10’30″60

15,140 was the previous mark for Lost Kingdom.

Mission 19: Lighthouse
Score Time
58,400 18’28″31

This one has a high score requirement. Go through Phase 1 as normal, kill as many craft as you can. Phase 2, focus on the drones until the Arsenal Bird’s APS is disabled, afterwards destroy as many modules on the Bird as possible as they’re all worth a hefty 500pts.

Mission 20: Dark Blue
Score Time
11,350 9’08″46

You must destroy atleast 2 of the Weapon UAVs that accompany the two ADF-11s.

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