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Age of Civilizations II All Console Commands

In this guide I have what I believe to be all console commands in the game taken straight from the code using a Java Decompiler.

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Age of Civilizations II All Console Commands

If some of them don’t work try adding a value after them. Also, please don’t just go in a game you’ve been at for a long time and use a command for the first time. Try it out in a separate one.

To enter the console press F1, then in the box above where you can write, type hi or hello.
“/” means OR, it doesn’t mean the command contains a “/”

  • info – returns information about the game (fps, your graphics settings, etc.)
  • debug – starts debug mode
  • center – centers the camera in the middle of the map
  • centerciv + ID – centers the camera on the civ with the corresponding ID (I haven’t tested it.)
  • scale + value – changes the scale of the map (values from 1-5)
  • close/ bye – closes console
  • fps – displays an FPS counter
  • hi/ hello – returns Hello!
  • spin – spins the camera around for a bit
  • help – show a couple of commands
  • party/ ♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ flags – shows every flag on screen; can be stacked, stops if you close the
  • console or execute close or bye
  • clear – clears console
  • Drew Durnil/drew durnil/ drewdurnil/ drew/ (any variation of Drew Durnil’s name)/ noob/ observe/ spectator/ Spectator – Returns : “Games -> New Game -> Options -> Spectator Mode”
  • civs – shows ID’s for every civilization (and TAGS)
  • civ – shows the ID and TAG of the selected civilization (selected province which is part of a civilization)
  • province – returns information about the selected province
  • showids – shows the province ID’s on them provinces (Kind of like showing an army but instead of the army it’s the province ID)
  • showarmy – I don’t know, even after testing I can’t tell what it does.
  • addplayer – add another player on the selected province (I haven’t tested it)
  • addciv + name? – I can’t figure out how this works, I’ll leave the code in a different section if anyone wants to have a go at it. From what I’ve managed to do, you can add a civilization on a selected province.
  • technology + value – add technology to the selected civilization; 1000 means give them 1.0;
  • population – gives 750 population
  • armyset/ setarmy + value – in the selected province changes the army to a selected amount; mind you, it CHANGES it, it doesn’t ADD it;
  • noliberty – I haven’t tested it, I would bet it makes a vassal not want liberty.
  • id – gives ID of civilization and selected province
  • war + ID1 + ID2 – start a war between 2 civilizations
  • peace + ID1 + ID2 – sign a peace between 2 civilizations at war
  • buildport – build a port in a selected province
  • buildfort – build a fort in a selected province
  • buildtower – build a tower in a selected province
  • economy – adds 600 money
  • army – add 300 army to the selected province
  • money – adds 450 money
  • movement – gives you movement points
  • diplomacy – gives diplomacy points
  • reloadprovince + ID – reloads a province (more for debugging I guess)
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It’s end. I hope “Age of Civilizations II: All Console Commands” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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  1. Good article this, I am enjoying this game a lot. I am playing as Bavaria and have taken all of western Europe after forming a union with Bavaria, and also started to colonize early and rule most of Canada and North America, I wonder if there is a limit to forming unions? I can’t seem to form a second one despite meeting the criteria?


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