Age of Wonders Planetfall Global Resources Guide

Age of Wonders Planetfall Global Resources Guide

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the new strategy game from Triumph Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Age of Wonders series, bringing all the exciting tactical turn-based combat and in-depth empire building of its predecessors to space in an all-new, sci-fi setting.

Age of Wonders Planetfall Global Resources Guide

Today we’re going back to the world map, and starting with an overview of the global resources in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Next to some familiar items from Age of Wonders III you’ll notice that there are many changes and additions.

Age of Wonders Planetfall Resource Bar
Resource bar icons (left to right). Energy, Cosmite, Knowledge, Influence, Global Morale, Tac Ops, Strat Ops, Doctrines. Reputation is next to leader face. ​

Energy: Energy is the main universal currency in the game. It is used for the production and upkeep of units, colony structures, unit modules and operations. Energy is generated by your colonies and no empire can go without it. Energy can be traded, and can be found as nodes and pickups on the map.

Cosmite: This rare material has an origin beyond the void and is required for advanced units and unit modules. Cosmite is mainly gained from map nodes (Craters!). The rarity of this material means that high tier units can’t be mass produced and Sectors containing Cosmite are highly contested.

Influence: Influence is the diplomatic currency used to manipulate other players and NPC factions, it can be used for things like asking NPCs to surrender locations, hire NPCs mercenaries, and to make diplomatic pronouncements. Influence is gained by performing Quests and from an inherent generation of your empire. Cooperative Doctrines and friendly play styles give bonusses on Influence generation.

Quest for The Growth NPC Faction with influence among the rewards. ​
Quest for The Growth NPC Faction with influence among the rewards. ​

Reputation: Your reputation determines how other Empires and NPC factions see you. Reputation modifies your Influence gain and Global Morale. Similar to AoW3’s alignment, your Reputation is influenced by your in-game actions.

Knowledge: Knowledge is used to rediscover and apply the lost technologies of the Star Union. You might notice there are two Research like slots in the top bar of the latest screenshot, more on this later!

Tactical Operation Points: After feedback on AoW3 we’ve decided to split “Casting Points” for Planetfall in two. Tactical Operations Points are used to launch the Operations (Air strikes, Psi Storms, etc) you can call in during tactical combat, when a battle takes place within your Operational Coverage. The Tac Ops value resets every turn.

Strategic Ops: Used to launch Strategic Operations that are used on the world map. Strategic Operations include summons, sector (de-)buffs, and covert actions.

Doctrine Slots: Determines the amount of global doctrines (e.g. empire wide bonuses) you can have active at once.

Global Morale: Overall morale of your empire affecting Unit Morale and the Happiness of your colonists. It is influenced by the wars you enter and how justified they are perceived to be.

Note there are more variables but they are not global. Like colony food and production capacity.

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