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Agony – Location of the Secret Chambers

I did not include where to find the Gold Martyr Statue pieces in this guide as you can find online videos to find them which will work much better than having to write down every single step to find their body part locations.

The Mind Maze 19/19

1. Examine painting on bridge at the beginning, go to end of bridge, go underneath bridge.

2. Abandoned Prison: Bottom of pit where note is located down on right side. Can drop down to it or cross the gap by the bridge and go right, it will take you to a room and if you go left you’ll be able to jump to it.

3. Abandoned Prison River: Cross the bridge with the gap and go into the water. In the waterways, find the path that will take you above the water. Note will be located there as well in the room.

4. Abandoned Prison: Use Soul Vision to cross gap to the altar. Note will be located there.

5. Mind Maze: There is a breakable door near the entrance. 2 gold statuettes in it.

6. Mind Maze: Crimson Room Entrance via the waterway on the far side of the map.

7. Mind Maze: Gold Martyr Statue. Enter the room and there is a note on floor. Just before the gravity steps take a right, follow the left side wall all the way to the gold martyr statue.

8. The Pit: The martyr in the room with the Adam Garment, she is located near the stairs upon entering the area to the right behind the sairs, and is trapped behind some bars. Need to use painting to reveal the path via burning the bushes in front of the pathway on the right side in the circle room just above the staircase.

9. The Pit: Upper level. Use Sigil from room with Onoshelis statue in room on wall where Forbidden Fruit is. This room is right after the gravity steps and to the right. The sigil is to the left of the statue look for it on a painting. Then you need to burn bushes to access the door requiring the sigil. It’s on the same floor.

10. The Spider’s Lair: Right after hitting the save point, by dropping down into the area and where an Onoshelis is perched above on a platform above your there are some bushes to the left. Burn the bushes and jump to platform with note.

11. The Spider’s Lair: Just after 10 and before the skull room there is a room hidden by bushes. Burn bushes and take gravity steps visible on the floor to the painting.

12. The Wall of Seduction: Succubus only. Cross the gaps to where the next save is, look before the cave to the right side and use the climbers. There is a painting in this room.

13. The Wall of Seduction: After original play through. Enter the cave and take the second left. There is a Note on stone slab.

14. The Wall of Seduction: After the caves and with the Onoshelis above. Go left and up the stone stairs in the corner. Once at the top burn the bushes in the way. Enter this location.

15. The Temple of Pleasure: Once entering go down the tight right ledge. Use the jump spots. Gold Statuettes at the bottom area.

16. The Temple of Pleasure: Once entering go left and before the broken walkway find a tight ledge to the left by jumping and proceeding forward. 2 gold statuettes at end of it.

17. The Temple of Pleasure: The room with the worm statue. Has martyr worshiping it. Succubus only. Use grabbing climbers, shortly after entry, right before the broken walkway turn to look the other way and up you should see the climbers.

18. The Temple of Pleasure: After using the long gravity steps to get to the top. Go to the end and use Soul Vision to cross to the altar. Has 4 statuettes on it.

19. The Light: Beneath the Baphomet Statue after beating it. Burnable bushes needed to be torched. Enter the room.

The Floating Forest 11/11

1. Dark Forest: Go left to the altar from the beginning. There is a Note nearby.

2. Hills of Agony: Use the secret tunnel under the pond by swimming. There is a Note inside.

3. Hills of Agony: After jumping down go left, burn through two sets of bushes. This requires you to progress forward to where the paintings are in the upper area after the gravity steps. Once you get the torch, you can carefully jump back down to the area before and retrace your steps back to the bushes, if you do jump, I recommend you do it further up by where the hole can be seen underneath you as i have gotten stuck while doing it elsewhere nearby. Or you can progress forward a bit further and in the area where you fall down, there is an area off to the right that you can burn the bushes and return to the previous area. This is right before you go through the “crevice” to the next save, The Tower of Goddess area.

4. Tower of The Goddess: Go to the center island. Go up and to the left. Drop into water swim into structure that’s underwater.

5. Tower of the Goddess: After the Onoshelis cave, you need to burn bushes between two prisoners, enter and there are two gold statuettes in the room.

6. Tower of The Goddess: Right before taking possession of the Onoshelis, on the right side part of the lake. Jump down into the water and enter the underwater building.

7. The Floating Forest: From the Succubus Transport in the Tower of the Goddess area, which is across the lake and in a t shaped stone structure before heading off to the Onoshelis cave, go left and down. It can also be accessed from the other side too, In the floating forest area stick to the left side and cross the lake platforms then look to the left side near cauldron of dead people. You should find the climbers in the area. Go up into the first section and then drop down on the other side to the chamber. Succubus only.

8. The Floating Forest: Past the lake platforms except on the right side of the map, there will be some martyrs worshiping. There are some bushes to burn further beyond them, go through the bushes and you might have to burn the bushes further back to get the painting before it triggers.

9. Fractal Forest: The angel location is a chamber. From the save point take the right path and follow the right side of the wall until you see a floating worm. Continue forward and take a right. You’ll find a walkway going up and the location there.

10. Fractal Forest: The area with the Gold 3D viewer of a small spider. It does Require burning bushes. From the checkpoint go down the right path and hug the right side of the wall until you reach the area with the gold martyr statue. From here if you look from the way you just came to the left is a bunch of shadows and a figure floating in the air. Behind them is a tree. Go behind the tree into this area. There is a table, chair, and bushes in the back to burn. There may also be bushes that need to be burned before passing the blocking tree.

11. The Tree of Life: At beginning go to the right and through the crevice.

The Frozen Fire 10/10

1. The Ice Caves: At the beginning, use the painting on the right side of room to open the door on the left side. Succubus area is in there as well.

2. The Ice Caves: Behind the throne with the Forbidden Fruit. Note and painting is located behind it. From beginning head right and down, go through the crevice and go right. You should be able to see the throne from there.

3. The Ice Caves: In the outside area. From the previous spot head up the slop and outside. Head forward pass the lake with the martyrs. Take the next right and head down into an ice cave. There is an Onoshelis here. Use the soul vision to get on the gravity steps and there is a painting in this room. It is necessary to get the crimson room.

4. The Ice Caves: Right after the above area, go through the ice wall. Basically, after coming back from the gravity steps there is a breakable ice wall to your right. Pass through the opening and look immediately left, there is the chamber.

5. The Ice Caves: Back where the throne area was, there is a pillar of flesh where the martyr body part is and an Onoshelis walking about, take a right and go through the crevice. Four gold statuettes.

6. The Ice Pit: In the area where the Chort is, along the area with snow falling in and light, break the ice wall and there is a painting in the back. From the last area crevice, hug the wall around to the right, go past the baby demon in the painting frame, keeping going straight past the martyr and there’s the ice to be broken.

7. The Ice Caves: The Gold Martyr statue. From the beginning head down and to the right. Go through the crevice. Follow along the right side wall and you’ll enter a room with things floating in the center of it, in the back and right of this room is the gold martyr statue.

8. The Ishtar Gate: After the save point, playing through a second time, head to the village area. Go past the save point, a minor drop down and climb up the other side. Go forward and head left. You’ll be in the village. Go forward and to the right. Break ice block. There is also a chort in the area. Go through crevice.

9. The Ishtar Chamber: Using succubus from the save point go up into the main area. Head to the opposite side with the altar. Look to the left and you should see the climbers for the succubus. Climb the tree up to a room.

10. The Ishtar Gate: Proceed from this spot to the exit path, from the altar where you climbed, the path its on the opposite side of the room and to the left. Proceed forward staying right. Take the right path. Once you see a stone wall there is a painting on the other side of it, small and easy to miss. View it. This path loops here loops around back to the Ishtar Chamber, but it is necessary to get this painting. Now you have to go reload a checkpoint and go to the same area as #8. Leads to a second secret chamber just behind it. Has 3d viewer statues and golden statuettes.

The Forsaken Cathedral 13/13

1. The River of Blood: Near the succubus door and gravity steps if you check over to the left side is burnable bushes. You have to proceed up the gravity steps and return with a torch. Entering this area is a secret chamber although it does not bring up the title, it still counts and I have verified it counts. There is a painting in this area. (the recenet update may have fixed that.)

2. The River of Blood: By the gravity steps there is a succubus door going into it is a chamber. There is another chamber as wel, I cant remember if just entering the succubus door is enough or if you have to enter the other chamber too. The other chamber is up a bit and to the right.

3. The Brazen Bull: From the save point, after the gravity steps, go forward and to the right. There will be succubus climbers in the open area, you’ll need to look up. Go up and there is a chamber with 3d viewer and statues.

4. The Brazen Bull: From the save point go forward and to the right. There is a wall of water/blood at an end of a tunnel. Go inside it. Go through the tunnel a bit and there is a hole in the right side wall. Go inside. It’s the chamber.

5. The Chaos Temple: From the save point, exit the building and take a right, way in the back of the area is a room with a painting in it.

6. The Plague Chamber: Behind the staircase in the back is an area the succubus can fall down into. When I fall into this area, it takes a little walking around for the area to render. It will if you give it a couple of seconds. It is a secret chamber, the actual secret chamber will not register unless you go down the succubus climbers at the end of the chamber and climb back up them. Then the room will register. Falling down into the room is not enough for it to register. You MUST climb up into the room for it to register, even after you have fallen down into it. I spent hours trying to figure that one out.

7. The Forgotten Caves: From the checkpoint, head straight forward and keep going until you reach the second chort (not the first one by the flaming cross, the one further in the back). Take a right and go through the door. Go down the right path, you will come to a section with a mouth to the left and a door way to the right. Take the mouth entryway. Just beyond that to the left are two gold Babylon style statues, go between them. Proceed straight forward and in the back is a painting.

If that’s a little complicated, this room is the one with the torch dispenser, and an open hand with a brain looking thing in it, along with martyrs, and crucified martyrs, and exploding people on the ground, there is a painting in the far back corner. This area is a secret chamber. *The checkpoint for the forgotten caves is sometimes not unlocked and is missable, from the desert of light, if you go down the stair platforms to your left is an immediate structure that’s purpleish and makes like an arch shape. There are stairs there. Take the stairs down. To the left is where the checkpoint is. You have to face the opposite direction, the right path and backup to reach it otherwise it will warp you away from it.

8. The Forgotten Caves: The room with the angle is a secret chamber. From the checkpoint, go forward and take the first left, cross the bridge with a gap in it requiring a jump, proceed forward and take a right, go left through teeth arch and to the right is the angel chamber.

9. The Forgotten Caves: From the save point head straight forward and just keep going. Like in #7 its not the first chort near the flaming cross, its the second one further down. You’ll need to pass the Chort and you enter a room with an Onoshelis and flayed people. There is a door with a sigil on it to the left. The door it opens is a secret room. I can’t remember which sigil it is, but it’s in the surrounding area.

10. Desert Area: At the checkpoint go forward and take a right, enter the building. This is also the way to the Gold Room.

11. Desert Area: On the left side of the map, after the save is a room back by the Forgotten Fruit, entering this area is a secret chamber. It will not bring up the title secret area but it counts as one. I have verified it. (the recenet update may have fixed that.) From the checkpoint go left up wooden stairs onto some stone. To the right you’ll see a fallen gold statue and an Onoshelis in the background. Go up the fallen statue and take a right. You’ll come to the secret chamber.

12. The Tower Of Babel: Martyr only. Do the Gold Martyr statue and examine painting in its room. It’s located upstairs on the left. Go downstairs and enter through door on the left side as if you’re heading back to the entrance. It’s a door the painting unlocks.

13. The Tower Of Babel: Martyr only. After 12 continue down the stairs and further down it will be another secret chamber.

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