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AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative Quiz King Achievement Guide

Just a guide to help with the quiz in Amame’s somnium and to get the secret achievement. Also you can check: AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative Achievement Guide.

Scavenger Quiz Answers (Stage 1)

Question 1: *music* The BGM is Symphony no.9
Answer: Vokeman (Label No.9)

Question 2: *music* The BGM is Symphony no.5 ( are you seeing a pattern..?)
Answer: Elephant Trinket (Label No.5)

Question 3: *music* The BGM is Air on G String
Answer: Mono-Wheel Robot, Shoma’s Robot (Label G)

Occult Quiz Answers (Stage 2)

This one is a bit different from the scavenger hunt, you have to pick a name or word from column A or B, but actually you wont be doing that at all, you have to use the words and or names to hint you toward the correct answer. You will have to type in your answer manually, you are also given a set of letters to work with to make your answer.

Question 1:”Which of these represents a historical secret society and can you name it?”
Answer: Freemasons

Question 2: “Many unidentified mysterious animals, or UMAs, have been discovered. Which one is smaller?”
Answer: Chupacabra

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Question 3: “Which of these two things affect the human psyche and behaviour? A or B?”
Answer: Subliminal

Spot the Difference Answers (Stage 3)

Of course, like the other two, there is a gimic with this one as well. There is 4 monitors that show something different from what you see walking around, you have to pick out 4 things that are different in the monitors.

Answer 1: Split blue figure

Answer 2: Mizuki (looks dead)

Answer 3: Kizuna (looks dead)

Answer 4: Torn magazine

The order doesn’t matter but those are the answers.

Ultimate 50/50 (Stage 4)

I dont even know with this one guys..as far as my experimenting went, there is no wrong answer..yeeeeep, thats the gimic. I think its supposed to be redemption for the first two stages being rather difficult?

Find the Truth (Final Stage)

Just like the last one, as far as i messed around in this quiz, all answers were correct no matter what, even the weird last one.

The End

That’s it! That’s the guide! Maybe this isn’t a necessary guide but i thought some people may struggle, especially on the first two stages. I hope this helps someone out!

If you followed this guide you should have acquired the secret achievement ‘Quiz King’

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