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Alan Wake: Developer Menu (How to Enable & Use)

A Dark Presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls, pushing Alan Wake to the brink of sanity in his fight to unravel the mystery and save his love.

Developer Menu

For people who have problems at some part ingame or people who wants to play in Nightmare difficulty without playing the game through once.

Also useful if you should have lost your progress, you can unlock all chapters with it.


  • Go to your steam library, right click on Alan Wake and open properties -> “Set launch options”.
  • Type in “-developermenu” (without quotes).


In the main menu you will now see a new option “Developer Menu”.

This will allow you start from any episode or difficulty you choose and can be useful for those who have lost their progress.

Additionaly, the developer menu can be used to get access to maximum possible ammo for the guns, flash bangs, flares etc.

Note: Please use the developer menu if and only if you have lost hope of clearing the level, or if you have lost all your progress and need to unlock the chapters.

Using cheats snatch away the fun of playing games.

Written by Ov3RT4K3R

3 thoughts on “Alan Wake: Developer Menu (How to Enable & Use)”

  1. well, me again. Ok. I restartet the game, now the menu has a list of all 6 episodes plus 2 specials.

    (I had lost all my progress due to a crash while fighting Hartman. After that the game crashed with any of the backup .dmp files. No idea, why.)

  2. well, hopefully my last comment;-) Just as a remark:
    other than assumed the .dmp files (Documents\Remedy\AlanWake) seem to be of minor importance.

    The actual savegame (state of the game) is stored in an aws file here:


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