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All redeem codes MultiVersus

Are you looking for free content for your account? You are in the right place. collect in this guide all the free content codes that come out and marking those that are already discontinued.

Hello! I make this guide to keep track of the MULTIVERSUS codes, every time I find a new code or one of them expires I will update it. If you know any code and want to share it, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments and I will leave the credits of your steam profile.

How to redeem a gift code?
It is very easy, you have to enter the official multiverse page (multiversus.com/redeem) and write the codes, wait for it to load and receive the rewards, once you enter the game they will be there.

Please note: In order to be eligible to redeem a code you must have MultiVersus installed and have signed into the game at least once.

MultiVersus All redeem codes

  • EVO2022 or Evo2022

IMPORTANT: Available from August 6 until August 7/8 during the EVO tournament with the announcement of the new content.

ALL CODES (August 2022)-224

ALL CODES (August 2022)-225

Redemption errors

It may be that when redeeming the code you will see this message:

ALL CODES (August 2022)-226

This is due to the fall of the page due to multiple exchanges, it is best to wait for Warner to fix the page and keep trying until they give you the content.

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Written by Kazutora Hanemiya

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