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Among Us Competitive Game Settings

This guide is the best settings to use for a competitive gameplay experience.

Competitive Game Settings

# Impostors: 2

Change this to 1 if you have less than 8 people playing.

  • Confirm Ejects: Off

Disabling Confirm Ejects stops people from saying “If it’s not Red then vote me out next”.

# Emergency Meetings: 1

  • Emergency Cooldown: 25s
  • Discussion Time: 30s
  • Voting Time: 90s

Player Speed: 1.25x

The default speed is too slow, this makes the game more enjoyable.

Crewmate Vision: 0.75x

Requires Crewmates to check rooms thoroughly by entering them rather than peeking the doorway. Optional: Decrease this to 0.5x.

Impostor Vision: 1.5x

This should be double the Crewmates Vision allowing them to make a better judgement on when to perform their actions.

Kill Cooldown: 30s

Optional: Increase this to 45s.

Kill Distance: Short

Allows the chance for Crewmates to dodge getting killed.

Visual Tasks: Off

Disabling Visual Tasks stops people from being cleared as an Impostor easily.

# Common Tasks: 1

  • Optional: Decrease this to 0.

# Long Tasks: 1

  • Optional: Increase this to 2.

# Short Tasks: 4

  • Optional: Increase this to 5.

This is the ending for “Among Us Competitive Game Settings” guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun!

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Written by Zyphaex

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