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Among Us Custom Gamemode: Hide and Seek Guide

An alternative game mode for any number of players for when you’re a bit bored of the regular game.

Custom Gamemode: Hide and Seek

Welcome to Among Us Hide and Seek! This is a custom gamemode that my friends and I came up with when we were feeling kind of bored with the regular game. It works with as few as 4 people, although you do need to be in a call of some kind.

This isn’t really like actual hide-and-seek, the one similarity between that and this being that it’s difficult for the seeker/impostor to find the crewmates. In this mode, the crewmates all have an enormously big vision, while the impostor’s is either 0.25x or 0.5x. The crewmates must make their way around the map without being seen by the impostor and complete all of their tasks.


There are a few custom settings you’ll need to add to make this gamemode work. Firstly, set crewmate vision somewhere between 3 and 5x and impostor vision to 0.25x, although you can do 0.5x if the impostors are having trouble or if you’re on Polus. This is the most important setting to change, as it is what makes it difficult to find the crewmates. Depending on the number of players, you can set the number of tasks to whatever you want, and you can adjust it depending on how well either team is doing.

I would suggest using just one impostor, and you can try this on any map you like, although Polus will favor the crewmates and Mira will favor the impostor(s). I would suggest having the player speed around 1-1.5x, pretty much just what you would have it at for a normal game. The custom vision is the only setting that really needs to be used for this, as it’s what reverses the roles of the impostor usually being able to see farther than the crewmates. That’s also why Polus, a usually impostor-friendly map is good for the crewmates in this, and Mira, a generally balanced map with long, tight corridors is good for the impostor. Feel free to change up the settings as much as you want to try different things.

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When the game starts, the impostor must reveal who they are to the rest of the crew. This is why you need to be in a voice call. There are two other main differences in gameplay between this and regular Among Us. Firstly, there is no voting or calling emergency meetings. The crewmates can only win by tasks. You can report dead bodies, although it’s a really bad idea since it puts everyone near the impostor, allowing them to try to keep someone in their small field of vision until the kill cooldown is up.

The second big difference is that the impostor is not allowed to use sabotages. The crewmates never should be forced to go to one spot, aside from when they’re doing tasks, so having to fix oxygen or reactor or being forced to have as little vision as the impostor until you go to electrical would break this mode. If you want, you could allow sabotaging comms, but that’s kind of just an inconvenience to both sides.

If you’re astute, or you’ve played a few rounds of this, you’ll realize that security and especially admin are really OP for the impostor. That’s why the impostor can’t use admin and to balance this, the crewmates can’t use security. This means that the crewmates can never really know where the impostor is(short of just seeing him/her), as the admin map isn’t specific as to who’s where, and they’ll be able to see when the cameras are on and try to get away before the impostor gets to them. Anyway, those are all the custom rules of this gamemode. Feel free to read on or start playing, and feel free to implement whatever new rules you like!

Strategy for Crewmates & Impostor


  • Get away from the spawn room as fast as possible at the start.
    On the skeld where you can head in multiple directions, I would suggest just running whichever direction from the center table you spawned instead of going straight for your tasks.
  • Be careful.
    When entering small rooms and passing corners, stop and try to see as far into them as possible first as the impostor could be standing just on the other side.
  • Stay away from center areas.
    When in a large room like cafeteria on the Skeld or Mira or just outside in Polus, stay toward the edges of a room so the impostor can’t tell if you’re in there. Even if the impostor catches on and starts to do the same, they can only cover 1 to 2 walls at at a time.
    The impostor’s limited vision stops them from seeing the entire room around a vent when they enter, but if you stand on top of a vent, they’ll be able to easily kill you without you being able to react or try to get out of their vision. A few tasks require you to stand close to vents, so you’ll have to be careful about them.
  • Don’t report bodies.
    The impostor can follow someone around and kill them when you bring everyone to the emergency meeting button, so unless you’re certain you have to, don’t hit that report button.
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  • Try to get a spawn kill.
    At the start and every time someone reports a dead body, you can try to locate someone and chase them down until the kill cooldown ends.
  • Use security(Skeld and Polus only).
    With admin not allowed, security is your best bet for locating crewmates, although they’ll be able to see when they’re on camera, so unless you see someone in the camera just outside security or above medbay, you’ll probably just be able to tell their general location as they’ll try to get away from where you expect them to be.
  • Stay behind corners in highly trafficked areas.
    Every map has a few spots where people will have many tasks. In the Skeld, you could try to camp behind the wall in electrical and ambush people. If the crewmates have swipe card, you could try to hide in admin
  • Use the vents.
    Although you can’t see the area you’re venting into, vents are still one of your best tools as the impostor. Especially on Mira, just use them to travel around or give you a lead when you’re chasing someone. Did someone just get out of your view when you were chasing them down from Weapons? Vent to navigation and cut them off. If you time it right, they won’t even be able to react. Also, in rooms like admin where there isn’t much cover to hide behind, you could sit in a vent and, even if you can’t see when someone enters the room, jump out randomly to try to get a free kill.
  • Prioritize your kills.
    This isn’t as helpful a tip, as sometimes you’ll only have the option to kill one person, and you won’t always know who it’s best to kill. If the crewmates are talking a lot, you could kill whomever is done with their tasks. It’s much easier to do tasks as a ghost then as a crewmate trying not to die, so killing the last person who has tasks left could just make you lose. If you see that someone has done all of their tasks in electrical, reactor, or another room you can get kills on because of the tasks and you have the option to kill them or someone else, kill them first. If the other person still has tasks in one of those rooms, it will be much easier to kill them later while they’re dong those tasks.
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I hope you enjoyed this guide everyone, hopefully you have as much playing this game as I have had! Feel free to edit the game or change the rules as much as you want!

Written by Wbhizzle7

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