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Anno 1800: Optimized City & Production Layouts

Are you sick of not knowing how to place your buildings, having your population riot due to a lack of access to their much desired locations? Are you distrought at the sight of your productions, that are just laying about all over the place, enormously inefficient?

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Then do not fret my dear freind, for I posess the solution for all that ails you: This very guide. In here you will not only learn how to construct your cities beautifully and ellegantly, but also how to arrange your productions efficiently and easily.

Optimal City Layout

Old World
Now this layout is designed to wor up to tier 3, so in the beginning there are obviously gonna be some gaps. You may fill them or leave them empty as you please. I think this image is quite self explanatory, so I’m not gonna add anything more to this.

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You may also wish to employ this second layout, which has the upside of housing almost double the amount of people of the first one. The downsides on the other hand are the fact that there is no space for ornamental buildings, and that the first layout is heaps more modular than this one:

New World
The observant ones among you probably already noticed, that there is an image missing, which is actually due to the fact that its not there. So, coming soon I guess.

Lumber & Wood

This is for raw lumber:

And this consequently for refined lumber:

You obviously need both. And it’s actually two of the first and only one of the second one for complete efficiency.

Work Clothes

Yep, that’s it.


With this one you have two options avaliable. This one:

And this one. Just be mindfull that this one needs at least a medium level Warehouse:




Again, several options. The first two neet a medium level Warhouse tho:


Again several options, but the last one actually needs a fully upgraded Warehouse to function:


The first one is a complete production circle, the second one is missing hops.

Canned Food

It’s merely missing an iron mine:

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Very nice modular area for many productions

You can fit any of these productions in here as you see fit:

Production Chains

Just a general summary of all production chains.

Written by Captain Iglo

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  1. Hi, Love the building plans but got a quick question for you. The canned food layout, the bottom cattle farm pasture (the once in the furthest bottom right and left) cant reach that far away from the farm, was wondering if your using an item in your calculations or if they changed it.


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