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Anthem Incursion Walkthrough

Incursion Walkthrough


  • 1 Speak with Tassyn in Fort Tarsis
  • 2 Head out, and find the Regulator Camp in the Palisades of Idris
  • 3 Clear out Wyverns in the Camp
  • 4 Search for a clue regarding Tassyn’s agent
  • 5 Listen to the recording
  • 6 Defeat the Scar Ambush
  • 7 Travel to the Regulator Hideout in the the Shrine
  • 8 Explore the Hideout
  • 9 Defeat the Dominion Troops
  • 10 Investigate the Agent
  • 11 Deactivate The Monitor’s Shield Generator
  • 12 Defeat the rest of the Dominion’s Troops
  • 13 Exit the Hideout
  • 14 Track & follow the Monitor’s Signal
  • 15 Defeat the Dominion Troops & Lieutenant

Speak to Tassyn in Fort Tarsis to begin the mission after completing Lost Arcanist.

Rendezvous with Tassyn’s Agent

After launching the expedition, fly east from Fort Tarsis through the Memorial Gate and Crop Terraces until you reach the Palisades of Idris. Here you’ll find the Regulator Camp where Tassyn’s agent is supposed to be hiding.

You’ll find the camp surrounded by Wyverns. Eliminate them, then open the crate behind the tent on the north-east side of the camp.

After listening to the recording, a large squadron of Scars will appear on the west side of camp. Eliminate them all, as well as the reinforcements (including one Heavy) that arrive.

Once the Scar ambush has been dealt with, fly up into the cave in the cliff face to the south of the camp.

Eliminate the Wolvern in your way, then head into the hideout in the cave beyond.

Explore the Regulator Hideout

Follow the waypoints through the cave until you come to a door. Open it to enter a large cavern labelled a “no fly zone”.

NOTE: “No fly” does not mean “no hovering.” Storm javelins can still use their hover ability in flight-restricted areas.

You’ll find another door leading into a passage on the west wall of the cavern – head through it and follow the waypoints to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene ends, you’ll find yourself in another large cavern full of Dominion Shocktroopers.

Eliminate them all and investigate the body of Tassyn’s agent to continue.

Catch The Monitor

Retrace your steps back to the large “No Fly” cavern. As you may have expected, it’s now full of Dominion soldiers.

In order to deactivate the generator preventing flight, you (or someone on your team) must remain in close proximity to it so that Owen can remotely disable the device.

Once the generator has been deactivated, a Dominion Lieutenant will arrive. Eliminate her and take care of the remaining soldiers before exiting the cave in pursuit of The Monitor.

Once outside, follow the waypoints through Junkhead’s Basin and back into the Palisades of Idris until you pass through the eye of a Shaper ruin into a clearing containing multiple types of Dominion troops.

In addition to the Shocktroopers and Frost Hounds, you’ll also find two large, powerful gauss turrets. After eliminating enough soldiers, another Dominion Lieutenant will appear. Take care of her and the remaining soldiers to complete the mission.

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