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Apex Legends PS4 Controls

Apex Legends is a lot like most battle royale games. You drop from the sky onto an island, sweep the floor for weapons and gear, and scramble to stay inside a series of ever-shrinking circles pressing 60 people towards inevitable conflict. But Apex Legends is also the product of the genre’s failures so far, a patient and refined response that makes for the most accessible, uncompromising battle royale experience yet.

Apex Legends PS4 Controls

In this section we’ve outlined the core Xbox One controller settings which are easily transferred to PlayStation 4 if you’re playing on that console instead.

Here’s an easy to reference snapshot of the default Xbox controller settings, which you can click or tap on to enlarge. Note that you can make use of some special alternative settings which you’ll find just below the image itself.

Every control option on the PS4 version of Apex Legends.

  • Left Stick – Movement
  • Right Stick – Camera
  • R3 – Melee
  • L3 – Sprint
  • L1 – Tactical Ability
  • L2 – Aim Down Sight (Hold)
  • R1 – Ping / Ping Wheel (Hold)
  • R2 – Attack
  • L1 + R1 – Ultimate Ability
  • Triangle – Cycle Weapon / Holdster (Hold)
  • Circle – Crouch (Toggle)
  • X – Jump
  • Square – Interact / Pick Up / Reload (Hold)
  • D-Pad Up – Use Health / Shield Kit / Health Wheel (Hold)
  • D-Pad Down – Extra Character Action
  • D-Pad Left – Toggle Fire Mode / Inspect Weapon (Hold)
  • D-Pad Right – Equip Grenade / Grenade Wheel (Hold)
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Alternative Controller Options

Bumper Jumper

  • Puts jump on LB.
  • Allows for jumping without sacrificing view agility.

Button Puncher

  • Puts crouch on R press.


  • Puts jump on LB and crouch on R press.
  • Jump, duck, slide and drop from walls without sacrificing view agility.


  • Puts grenades on RB and ping on Up D-Pad.


  • Puts jump on LB and crouch on RB.
  • Best used with “Hold to Crouch” enabled.

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