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ARK: Survival Ascended Tame Achievement Guide

ARK: Survival Ascended Tame Achievement Guide

In Ark: Survival Ascended, earning the “Tame” achievement is a significant milestone that signifies your ability to tame and domesticate creatures in the game. If you are new to Ark, this guide is for you! To help you unlock this achievement, follow these steps:

Gather Resources: First, gather the necessary resources to create tools, such as a wooden club, bolas, and tranquilizing arrows or darts. You’ll need these to subdue and tame creatures.

Locate Your Target: Find a creature you want to tame. It’s crucial to choose a creature that matches your current level and available resources.

Subdue the Creature: Use your tranquilizing items to weaken the creature. Be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t want to accidentally kill it.

Feed and Monitor: Once the creature is unconscious, access its inventory and feed it the appropriate food to keep it sedated. Different creatures require different types of food, so research your target in advance.

Protect the Taming Process: Guard the unconscious creature during the taming process, as other creatures might try to attack it or you.

Complete the Taming: Continue feeding the creature until the taming bar is full. The creature will then become tamed and under your control.

Celebrate: Congratulations! You’ve successfully tamed a creature and have unlocked the “Tame” achievement.

Remember to approach taming with caution, as some creatures can be dangerous during the process. Be well-prepared and choose your targets wisely. If you seek more in-depth guidance and specific creature-taming details, you can explore various online resources dedicated to Ark. Good luck, and enjoy your taming adventures in Ark: Survival Ascended!

Taming Creatures


  • Briefly explain the importance of taming creatures in the game.
  • Mention the “Tame” achievement as a goal.

Getting Started

  • Gathering essential resources.
  • Importance of tools like wooden club, bolas, and tranquilizing items.

Choosing Your Target

  • Selecting the right creature based on your level and available resources.

Subduing the Creature

  • How to weaken and tranquilize the creature without killing it.

Feeding and Monitoring

  • Managing the unconscious creature and feeding it the appropriate food.
  • Discuss the different food requirements for various creatures.

Protecting the Taming Process

  • Strategies to safeguard the unconscious creature from potential threats.

Completing the Taming

  • The taming bar and when a creature becomes tamed.


  • A summary of the taming process and the achievement.
  • Encouragement to explore online resources for more in-depth information.
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