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ARK: Survival Evolved – How to tame a Therizinosaurus

In this guide I will show you a few ways to properly tame a Therizinosaurus!

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Step 1: Find a Theri!

Before you are to start taming a Theri, you must actually find one to tame! On The Island, they can spawn anywhere that is near beaches and/or forests. They are not the most common spawn, so you might have to look for some time before you find one. Killing off as many dinos as you can will also help them to spawn. Once you have found a good Theri to tame, move on to Step 2!

Step 2: Immobilize or trap the Theri!

The Therizinosaurus is quite large, and not the fastest creature, making it quite easy to trap. Unlike most herbivores, the Theri is agressive when touched, like a Gigantopithecus, and therefore can be quickly touched and lead into a taming pen without the need to actually attack it. You can also trap it on rocks and/or trees, just make sure it doesn’t break free and run off or kill you mid-tame! You can use chain bolas to immobilize it, but they are expensive and only keep it in place for 15 seconds, so I do not recommend using them. Using a Quetzal to carry it to a taming pen also works, but it may attack your Quetz while being carried, so either use a tanky bird or prepare for a few stops along the way!

Shoot It Down!

Now that you have trapped/immobilized your Theri, it’s time to get out the tranqs! Using a crossbow with tranq arrows work, just make sure not to kill it! I recommend using tranq darts with a longneck rifle because doing so will make sure you don’t kill the Theri. You can also use Scorpion, Beelzebufo, or Equus, but watch its health! If you have none of these things, using a slingshot WILL work, but not very good and you also risk killing it in the process!

TIP: Bring multiple slingshots and a lot of stone if using those!

Step 4: Tame the Theri!

Now that your Therizino is down, it’s time to tame it! Their favorite kibble is Megalosaurus kibble, so if you do not have any Megalosaurus eggs, using crops will work. If you do not have any crops, good ol’ mejoberries will have to do. A Theri’s torpor drops quite quickly, so make sure to have lots of narcoberries, narcotics, or biotoxin at hand! Make sure NOT to damage your Theri during taming, as it will lower the Taming Effectiveness AKA extra levels after taming!

Therizinosaurus Facts and Wrap-Up

I hope you succeeded in taming your Theri! This is my second guide, and I hope you like it! I will leave you with a few Therizinosaurus facts so you can know all about them and their uses!

1- They will attack you and your tames if touched! Make sure to have at least a few creatures/turrets guarding your base in case a wandering Theri brushes against your dinos!

2- When tamed, they are extremely useful! They can gather thatch and wood from trees (mostly wood), meat and hide from bodies, and berries as well as seeds and fiber from bushes! (Use left click claw attack to harvest wood and meat, the right click shear attack (looks like tickling hence the name Tickle Chicken) to harvest fiber from bushes, and the C bite attack to gather chitin (from bugs and spiders) and hide from corpses as well as berries and seeds from bushes)

3- When tamed, they can also be tought to harvest certain things! With every level-up, they also get a level in harvesting efficiency! You can upgrade the delicate harvesting to get more berries, fiber, hide, chitin, and organic polymer. Upgrading the power harvesting will get you more meat, prime meat, thatch, wood and rare mushrooms! (Mushrooms from the swamp trees)

4- They are strong! Because of the Theri’s high damage and rapid attack rate, it is commonly and successfully used to kill Tyrannosaurus! NEVER go into melee combat with them unless forced to! Note that the Theri and the Rex are both quite evenly matched, the Theri winning a fight sometimes, and the Rex other times.

5- They shred armor! Because they have giant, sharp, 3-foot claws, they can do higher damage to armor than most creatures. They also seem to do more damage to the armored areas of animals such as Carbonemys and Doedicurus! This can be used to your advantage if you have a tamed Theri, shredding armor from players and fighting armored mounts!

Written by LapisOre

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