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Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered: An Extraordinary Man Trophy Guide

An Extraordinary Man Trophy Guide

An Extraordinary Man
Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.

First you must complete all of the Homestead missions in order to recruit every available worker for your Homestead. To complete this trophy, you will need to reach at least Sequence 6, where Achilles gives you a quest to “scan” the workers whilst they perform three various activities related to their profession. Simply target them with L1 for a couple of seconds and the entry for that particular activity should be added to the Encyclopedia. Below is a complete list of Homestead residents, designated by their jobs and in-game icon initials, and the tasks you need to record each one doing.

Blacksmith (Da):

  • Sharpening an axe on a grindstone
  • Fitting horseshoes
  • Using the furnace
  • Repairing a wagon wheel

Doctor (Ly):

  • Tending to the herbs behind his house
  • Reading on a tree stump
  • Playing bowls with one of the lumberers

Farmers (Pr & Wa):

  • Ploughing the field
  • Milking a cow
  • Cutting wheat
  • Pouring grain

Huntress (My):

  • Cleaning her musket
  • Spit roasting an animal
  • Firing her musket on the hunt
  • Opening a bear trap

Innkeepers (Ol & Co):

  • Cutting meat
  • Turning the spit roast
  • Pitching hay with a fork
  • Watching the livestock grind wheat
  • Whipping a bull
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Lumberers (Te & Go):

  • Both men sawing wood with a large saw
  • Chopping wood together
  • Loading wood onto a wagon

“I had the hardest time waiting for the lumberers to both use the saw for my final scan of them, but you are able to scan his wife (Di) using the butter churn as one” – Thanks to Bsfoerwgho for the tip.

Miner (No):

  • Lighting a lamp at the mine entrance
  • Mining with a pickaxe inside the mine
  • Panning for gold in the river

Tailor (El):

  • Examining a chair
  • Washing clothes
  • Taking a dress measurement
  • Sewing in a chair

Woodworker (La):

  • Checking the fence
  • Sanding a plank of wood
  • Sanding a chair
  • Writing in the logbook while doing an audit

You can always check in the logbook to see which activities you have already scanned. If you are missing any by the end of the game, visit a city or ride around the frontier on your horse for a few minutes and return to the Homestead to see if the residents you need are performing any other activities.

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