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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – A Herald of Murder Walkthrough

A Herald of Murder Walkthrough

You will get this quest only if you went to rescue Hippokrates’ medical notes after you have seen the priests of Asklepios and Mydon with his servant. Dolops, who was mentioned by Hippokrates, lives in Epidauros in the north of the region Kingdom of Hope.

Dolops will react to you knocking at his door but will not talk about the fateful night – allegedly, someone is trying to kill him – on the way home, the priest was attacked by an unknown man in a black cloak, and now Dolops wants to find out who this man was. There are two suspects – a neighbor and a landowner.

Go the crime scene, to a neighboring yard, and inspect the evidence. A piece of expensive armor is lying on the ground. A knife that is stuck next to the cart clearly belonged to a peasant, while the charges of the alleged witnesses are equally divided between the villager and the landowner.

Next, tell Dolops about your conclusion. Let’s not waste our time – the killer is the landowner. If you accuse and kill a neighbor, the priest will be dead by the time you return to him. You’ll only have to open the chest next to the corpse and learn about the true Chrysis’ essence.

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The alternative option is to accuse the landowner. Head to his villa and clear the yard from the soldiers. The unsuspecting landlord will wander around his office at the first floor. Sneak up to the killer from the back and attack suddenly, then return to Dolops who will be healthy and, most importantly, alive.

The priest will tell that he is the son of Chrysis, but she has hidden him because of the fear of being dishonored. Meanwhile, the mother was recruiting babies for Kosmos Cult and did other things that are not appropriate for a parent.

The hero will thank Dolops for the information and will head to the statue of Apollo where the cultist decided who of the children will live and who will not. At the exit from the house, you’ll get several thousands experience points and a rare axe.

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