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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Ashes to Ashes Walkthrough

Ashes to Ashes Walkthrough

It’s time to get Chrysis. First you have to find a lonely altar in the forest – then you will hear the screams of a child. Go in this direction and you will reach the temple. Kill the cultists in front of the building and go inside. You will meet Chrysis, who will perform a clever and cruel maneuver – a rather difficult and important choice in front of you.

  • You can take the child and run away with it, so you can save the child. Chrysis will run away, but this unlocks an additional side quest where you get the opportunity to hunt for the Kosmos cultist later in the game.
  • You will ignore the child, leave it to burn down and kill the woman. You’ll get to Chrysis faster, but sacrifice a baby and lock one of the side quests.

After the your choice, the quest will end. You will get 10000 XP/ 12500 XP, depending on your earlier decision.

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