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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Breaking Bread Quest Walkthrough

Breaking Bread Quest Walkthrough

  • Given by: Myrrine
  • Reward: experience points, rare boots

Besides the grains, the archon has legions of soldiers. Myrrine will advise you to shrink the ranks of Lagos’ army. To do this, you will have to clear three locations from the enemies. Each one is more complicated, more secure and more crowded than the previous one. We advise you to start the quest by dealing with the simplest location – Tegea’s barracks inside the settlement.

The barracks are a small building with few guards standing along the perimeter. The Rush Assassination skill will be the most useful in this case, because the guards stand not far from each other and you’ll be able to link their killings in chains.

Your next target is the military camp Kepheus that is located to the south-east of Tegea. The area of this location is not much bigger than the barracks, but enemies here are standing so close to each other that it will be hard to avoid an open battle.

Try to eliminate at least a couple of soldiers in a stealth mode – by shooting them from a bow or by using the Rush Assassination skill – and then engage in an open fight. Due to the reward assigned for your head in this chapter, beware of mercenaries who might accidentally come into the camp.

The last location that you should clear is the Arkas Fort that is located to the east of Tegea, on the border with Argolis. There are more enemies here than in the two previous locations combined, so be careful when assaulting the fort. You do not want the scenario when the whole garrison plus reinforcements are against you in one point of time.

Move along the fortress walls, eliminating lone watchmen and patrolmen on your way. The polemarch is on duty near one of the treasure chests in the northern part, so we advise you to clear the nearby area before you fight against this enemy in order to avoid attracting reinforcements with the noise.

If you wish, you can set up a trap on the warning torch in the fortress (at a distance on the screenshot above) so that no one comes to help Spartans in the case of alarm. You can make chain killings to eliminate the enemies that remain in the center of the fort, and then manually deal with survivors.

When the last enemy in the third of the marked locations falls, the game will find the task completed, and you’ll be able to go on the Lagos’ fort assault.

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