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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Breaking the Limit Trophy Guide

Breaking the Limit Trophy

Trophy category: This is one of the trophies associated with the first full-fledged story extension to the game – Legacy of the First Blade. It is available to holders of the season pass and can also be purchased separately.

Type of trophy: bronze

How to unlock: Perform a quadruple Quick Hunt with Pride of the Lion.

Notes: It is not a difficult achievement, although it requires some preparation:

  • Complete the tasks of the First Blade Legacy add-on until you are awarded the legendary Pride of the Lion Sword. Equip the main character with it.
  • Use your development points to unlock the highest level of Rush Assassination, which allows you to attack up to four enemies in a combo.
  • Reach near any camp, fort or other location with a large number of enemies.
  • Select four enemies standing close together. Use the Rush Assassination on the first one of them and then “jump” on the remaining enemies in the vicinity.

You will get the trophy after attacking your fourth opponent in the series. In order to achieve each of the 4 enemies must only be attacked. They do not have to die as a result of further silent attacks.

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