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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Crumble and Burn Quest Walkthrough

Crumble and Burn Quest Walkthrough

  • Given by: Stentor
  • Reward: experience points

Despite the fact that this is a side quest, you must complete it to facilitate the process of conquering Megaris for the Spartan army and yourself. Destroying supplies is one of the main ways of destabilizing the situation in the selected region.

If you have already cleared Fort Geraneia in the previous side quests, this mission won’t present any problems. The hero needs to burn down four boxes with supplies – they look as shown in the screenshot above and are marked with a purple icon on the map.

To destroy supplies, use fire – get a torch from your pocket and hit the boxes or throw the torch from afar. The alternative option is to use fire arrows or barrels of oil if you want to destroy supplies from a safe distance.

Inspect the boxes before destroying them. Often, you’ll be able to find sufficient volumes of various resources for crafting and improving equipment that you will not obtain if you burn them. Destroy four piles of supplies in any suitable location, and the task will be completed.

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