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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Escape from Athens Walkthrough

Escape from Athens Walkthrough

Go to Phidias. In front of the door, you will meet a guard who does not want to let you in. You can attack him or pay 500 drachmas not to interrupt you breaking in. If you bribe him, he will appear later on and try to kill you.

Talk to Phidias and decide whether it is time to leave Athens. Go to the docks to the rendezvous point and talk to the man. If it is still daytime, wait until the evening and together go to the boat.

You have to reach the Seriphos island. On your way, enemy ships will attack you. We recommend you avoid them and do not bother to engage. Go directly to the island and leave the man there to receive 8250 XP.

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