Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Fourth Degree Burns Quest Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

Fourth Degree Burns Quest Walkthrough

  • Given by: Myrrine
  • Reward: experience points, rare axe

Even if you did not support Myrrine’s plan to attack Lagos during the meeting on the cliff near Tegea, this quest and the following one will still appear on the in-game map. Moreover, the completion of the line with the weakening of archon does not interfere with helping his family.

One of the main sources of Lagos’ wealth are barns full of grain. These barns can be found in the north-west of the region Pan’s Cradle at the junction with the mountain. You need to set three barns on fire, which could be done from afar.

You need to aim at a small wooden ‘’window’’ in the upper or lower part of the building. One successful shot with a fire arrow, and the barn will be set on fire in a matter of seconds. To create the appropriate ammo, you need the skill Arrow Master.

The alternative and significantly less effective option implies the use of torches. They can be thrown (but not far) or waived (at a small radius), but these tactics will surely attract more attention than the long-ranged attack, so we advise to have enough arrows with you in this mission.

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  1. I am experiencing a bug with the quest ‘Fourth Degree Burn’. I burned down 2 of 3 silos but the last absolutely will not catch on fire. I’ve shot 30+ fire arrows at the wooden flap and the top of the silo and still nothing. I’ve even tried to throw torches at it, it just will not catch on fire.

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