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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Gluten Free Quest Walkthrough

Gluten Free Quest Walkthrough

  • Given by: starts automatically after the completion of the previous quest White Lies and Blackmail
  • Reward: experience points, rare belt

So, you are in the cultists’ lair in Arkadia, searching for the missing members of Lagos’ family. The cave is quite linear, so it will be hard to get lost. Move forward in a slow manner – it is dark in this location, but it is better not to use the torch because enemies are ahead.

The first sectarian stands on the way down to the small stream – sneak up on him from the back or kill him with a shot to the head. Three more opponents are walking in the nearby, so stay alert and try to eliminate everyone quietly in order to not disturb his colleagues.

When all enemies are dead, go to the far end of the cave – here, Lagos’ wife and son are kept in cages. Having released them, talk to the woman and the boy to learn about archon’s new ‘’friends’’. The mission will complete at the end of the conversation, and you will facilitate the walkthrough of the main storyline.

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