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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Going Down Quest Walkthrough

Going Down Quest Walkthrough

  • Sail across the sea to Paros island.
  • Head into the forts to burn war supplies & kill polemarches to lower Nation Power.
  • Locate the Nation Treasure in the Fortified Marble Quarry & steal it.
  • Once you’ve lowered the Nation Power enough, the quest will be completed.

Go To Quarry For Fort Captains & War Supplies

There are many fort captains & some war supplies in the quarry where you can rescue Euneas. Make sure to deal with these to lower the Nation Power.

Just Steal The Nation Treasure

It’s easy to steal the Nation Treasure when no one’s looking. Go through the back of the fort by climbing the big white mountain to get free entrance to the base.

Rewards: 13,375 XP.

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