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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Have You Seen My Mikoss Quest Walkthrough

Have You Seen My Mikoss Quest Walkthrough

This mission consists of three sub-sections – Doctor’s Pet, School of Hard Knocks, and Indulging Just a Little.

Doctor’s Pet starts with a conversation with a man in Aliki Quarry. After this conversation you have to go to Silver Mines and free the doctor. He’s inside the cave, but you can wait until your opponents come out and then get in to free the man.

Your next task will be to get rid of the two men responsible for the kidnapping. They are in Koinyra Fortress. It is best to eliminate the perpetrators with a bow so that you don’t waste your time fighting your way through the whole enemy camp. After killing both men, the mission will end.

The School of Hard Knocks requires you to fight several skirmishes on the school grounds. First, you will have to prove your abilities to the man and his students. Only when you best them will the main opponent come out to you. There will be more students who want to help their trainer during the fight. Beat them all and the mission will end.

Indulging Just a Little is the last of the aforementioned tasks. Its first part is based on reaching Karpos’ house, destroying exotic wine and killing his servants.

After completing the first part of the task go to the Silenos cave. There are two guards in front of the cave. Get rid of them quietly, otherwise they will interfere during the mission. You have to get two athletes out of the cave. You can do this quietly, avoiding all enemies, or get rid of all of them first and then release the athletes without any problems.

After leaving the cave, the athletes will find out that one of them was drugged and he goes mad. Killing him will complete the mission.

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