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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Helping the Healer Quest Walkthrough

Helping the Healer Quest Walkthrough

Not far from Pythia’s house in the Chora of Delphi there is a local healer named Lykaon. His patients need leaves of mandrake that grows by the creek to the east. The hero asks a reasonable question regarding the healer’s failure to go for the medicines himself. The healer says that he is afraid of wolves that live in that region.

Indeed, there are many predators near the creek (about six wolves). If you do not want to descend to them and find yourself within wolves’ range of action, we advise you to get a good bow and put some skill points in the Hunter branch of abilities’ tree: theoretically, you can shoot all wolves from the nearby rocks.

When there are no hostile enemies in the nearby, start collecting mandrake – this is a small gray-green plant on the coast of the creek. Look below and watch out for tips regarding the interaction with the herbs. Having collected a sufficient number of leaves, return to Lykaon.

The doctor will crush the herbs and pack them in sacks that you will need to bring to three patients. They will all be marked on the map, and you won’t have to go far this time. Once your return to Lykaon, the hero will note that the patients are more concerned with the well-being of their doctor than their own health.

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Lykaon will dismiss the praise and will ask to take a portion of the medicine to his grandmother. However, this is a story for another quest. You’ll get about 4000 experience points for the completion of this quest.

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