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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Hunting the Huntsman Walkthrough

Hunting the Huntsman Walkthrough

This quest consists of 3 minor missions.

Mysterious Malady

You will start this mission by talking to a stranger. He will ask you to help a doctor.

The doctor is not far away. However, you have to free her from the hands of the tormentors. When you kill all enemies, you must free the doctor and obtain a list of herbs you need.

To get medication you have to go to great waters. Enter your ship and destroy two enemy ships moving around the waters. After the boarding on both ships you will collect the necessary resources and you will be able to return to your quest giver.

During the conversation you will have an opportunity to make a choice, you can attack the chosen character – Magistrate or Doctor. You cannot get rid of two characters. If you make a choice, the other character will escape.

After defeating your opponents, talk to Natakas and go on to the next task.

Revealing the Recruiter

You will start this mission by talking to Darius near Olynthos Fortress.

In Olynthos Fortress you have to get 3 documents. One of them is obtained by the enemy shown on the screen above. Kill him quietly and take away his document.

The next document is on the stand. It is easy to find in the sunlight. Remember that in order to get it you cannot be in any conflict.

The last document can be found on the floor near the bags. It is difficult to get to this place if anyone notices you. Remember to silently eliminate any opponent standing in your way.

After obtaining the documents, go to the farm. Kill your opponent and his vanguards. This will complete the mission.

Whimpers Through the Fog

In order to start this mission you have to free a woman. She is in a cage by the river. Before you go down to her, kill the bears walking around her.

The woman will take you to a village a bit further away. There you have to examine the corpses, bloody materials, tools and locked doors.

When you finish the investigation you will hear the boy. Catch him and talk to him.

Opponents will appear near the boy. The game will give you a dialogue choice, but whatever you say, you still have to fight your enemies. Unfortunately, your main opponent will flee. This will end the quest.

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