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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Kallipateira Quest Walkthrough

Kallipateira Quest Walkthrough

Starting location: Get to the Olympics village where Kallipateira and Demeter the Priestess reside.

After hearing the accusations against Kallipateira and offering help, go to the location where athletes rest. Talk to two “nameless” civilians and Kallipateira’s son Peisirrhodos. Also, find two documents – one of them (Pindar’s Poem for the Champion Diagoras) will confirm the version of the woman’s events, and the other (love letter – Anonymous Love Letter) will plunge her.

Reach the hill where the sentence is to be executed. After the question to the priestess you can:

  • Provide evidence to support the version of Kallipateira – the woman will be saved. You will receive Olympic Belt from her.
  • Present evidence to plunge Kallipateira – according to the will of the gods she will be thrown into the abyss. From the priestess you will receive Olympic Belt.

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