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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Kephallonia Islands Quests Walkthrough

Kephallonia Islands Quests Walkthrough

Hungry Gods

Mission start: Enter the Drogarati cave; talk to the inhabitant.

Description: Enter the cave and interact with the gifts at the base of the statue. Then approach the niche in the wall, examine it and proceed further. Inside, you will find a few bandits that you’ll have to eliminate. Go back to the inhabitant before the cave and tell him about what did you find – the mission will end.

Merciful Gods

Given by: a nameless woman in Drogarati Cave.

Reward: experience points.

If you return the same way you entered the cave in the quest Hungry Gods, you’ll be able to overhear a prayer of a nameless woman to Hermes. She has four children, she sells baskets, but her cart broke down, leaving the owner without means of livelihood.

If you wish, you can respond to the prayers of the woman with the voice of “Hermes”, telling her to go home and promising that she’ll be happy soon. When the grateful woman goes away, come out of your cover and head to the house of the unfortunate woman that is located in Sami – it will be marked on your map.

Having arrived at the site, inspect the above-mentioned baskets and a broken cart. After this, put the goods that you have taken from robbers to a noticeable place. With this, the mission Merciful Gods will come to an end, and you will receive your well-deserved reward in the form of experience points.

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A Ship Came Sailing

Mission start: Pronnoi Peninsula, near the gulf.

Description: You can find Davos, who will ask you to save his brother, Orneos. The man is held hostage in a cage in the bandits’ camp nearby. Free him and escort him to Davos – this isn’t easy; you will have to fight a lot.

The Fight with Talos

Mission start: During the Debt Collector mission.

Description: Talos will be on the fifth level of experience, and initially, the protagonist will be no match for him. Avoid confrontation. Finish a few missions and attack (stealth attacks are strongly suggested as they deal the most damage) once you’re fully ready. You will get +1500 XP after defeating him.

In the Footsteps of Gods

Mission start: Talk to the priestess, near the town of Sami.

Description: You will see the priestess in front of the shrine; she will inform you of the disappearance of the spear. Agree to find it – near the place, to the north-west, you can find a niche in the wall. Use it to enter the cave – be careful though, since there are many enemies inside. Proceed downwards until you find the area with the chest. Open it to get the spear. Go back to the priestess and decide whether you want to give the spear to her for free, get some money in exchange, or keep the weapon to yourself. Reward: +1375 XP.

Lumbering Along

Mission start
The location of the ambush
The chest with the wood

Mission start: After completing the Debt Collector mission, talk to Drucilla.

Description: Agree to help and go to the location of the ambush. You have to examine the wagon, the corpse, and the footprints. Next, use the eagle to locate the camp of the bandits – it’s not far, to the north. The task is to kill the bandits. There’s quite a lot of them, but you can stealth kill most of them. When they’re dead, approach the chest and take the wood. Give the item back to the woman, and you will get 1100 XP.

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The Blood Fever

Given by: Phoebe.

Reward: experience points.

After she is rescued from the hands of the kidnappers, Phoebe (see the storyline quest ‘’Debt Collector’’) will move to the territory of Marcos’ vineyard. Talk to the girl to find out about her worries – a terrible epidemic broke out in a nearby village, and Phoebe’s friend is among those who are infected.

Having promised Phoebe to deal with the problem, go to Kausos, a small town on the western side of the island. Once you have arrived at the site, you’ll find that everything was burned down as the authorities tried to cope with the fever. A couple of soldiers provide care to the remaining sick people.

Talk to the priest who is trying to persuade the citizens – according to him, there is no hope to defeat the illness, and Kephallonia could only be saved if these innocent people die. You have a right to disagree with him, but this decision will lead to a fight with three opponents at once.

Having won in the fight – try to keep all enemies in sight and block their attacks – you will earn the gratitude of the rescued citizens and Phoebe, as well as a chance to get some money. If you wish, you can refuse the monetary reward since the protagonist has already demonstrated the wonders of compassion.

Your act of mercy will not go unnoticed by the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. After a few hours of gameplay, the hero will be notified that because of his actions, Kephallonia is suffering from an epidemic that began in Kausos. Good deeds don’t always lead to good consequences.

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If you decide to leave the infected inhabitants to their fate – they will not survive the meeting with the blades of priest’s assistants but will also be unable to spread the disease – Alexios/Kassandra will have to explain the decision to Phoebe. Whatever options you choose in the dialogue with her, the girl will take this life lesson like an adult.

Mercenary Work

Mission start: Information board near the town of Sami.

Description: The task is to get more wolf skins and then carry them to a merchant. The wolves are quite abundant and you will be able to quickly get enough skins. Reward: +1200 XP.

Shark the Vagrant

Underwater treasure with the necklace.
Location of the beginning and end of the mission.

Mission start: Talk to the quest giver or find the necklace during exploration.

Description: This is a pretty difficult quest. You have to get to the indicated location – there, you can find the ruins. Dive, kill a few sharks (it’s not so easy – if you have to, go back to the surface and replenish HP). Open the chests. The necklace can be found inside. Return it to the family. Reward: +1500 XP.

A Small Odyssey

Mission start: Save the woman in the cage on Ithaka.

Description: Save Odessa and follow the woman. She wishes to reach the Odysseus Palace – protect her. After reaching the destination, the woman will want to leave the island. Escort her back to the boat. You can flirt with her. After you split, you will get 1700XP.

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