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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Lightning Rod Trophy Guide

Lightning Rod Trophy

Trophy category: This is one of the trophies associated with the series of free DLC Mythical Creatures. They are available to all users of the game after installing the latest version of the game.

Type of trophy: bronze

How to unlock: Defeat Steropes the Lightning Bringer.

Comments: The marker informing about the possibility of a duel with Steropes the Lightning Bringer appears on the island of Andros. There is a huge cyclope to defeat and it is best to have a character at 48-50 level of experience.

Steropes uses a large mace to attack. A good strategy is to stay on the horse and use the bow. In addition, fire arrows, for example, can help in this case. If you want to fight in close quarters, watch out for strong mace attacks – then jump back to the sides. Attack the boss after each such attack, as it will stand idle for a short time.

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