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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Merciful Gods Quest Walkthrough

Merciful Gods Quest Walkthrough

Given by: a nameless woman in Drogarati Cave.

Reward: experience points.

If you return the same way you entered the cave in the quest Hungry Gods, you’ll be able to overhear a prayer of a nameless woman to Hermes. She has four children, she sells baskets, but her cart broke down, leaving the owner without means of livelihood.

If you wish, you can respond to the prayers of the woman with the voice of “Hermes”, telling her to go home and promising that she’ll be happy soon. When the grateful woman goes away, come out of your cover and head to the house of the unfortunate woman that is located in Sami – it will be marked on your map.

Having arrived at the site, inspect the above-mentioned baskets and a broken cart. After this, put the goods that you have taken from robbers to a noticeable place. With this, the mission Merciful Gods will come to an end, and you will receive your well-deserved reward in the form of experience points.

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