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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Purple Pain Quest Walkthrough

Purple Pain Quest Walkthrough

  • Talk to the civilian fighting with another person at the Murex Dyeing Facility.
  • Follow the marker to the warehouse.
  • Search for clues in the warehouse.
  • Head back to the civilian.
  • Choice A: Blame the Kythera Leader
    Choice B: Blame the man
  • Choice A: Kill the Kythera’s Leader.

Search End to End of the Warehouse

The 3 clues are in the middle of it, at the left end behind some fabrics, and at the right end behind another pile of fabric. Look for the magnifying glass to investigate them.

Bring Down Leader’s Power First

Make it easier to take down the Leader by doing actions that will bring down his power. Go to forts, burn down war supplies, and kill elite soldiers to lower his power!

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