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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Sibling Revenge Walkthrough

Sibling Revenge Walkthrough

  • Given by: Timon
  • Reward: experience points, money, new Adrestia crew member

At a cliff near the harbor of Orchomenos that is located in Kopais lake, a sad man named Timon stands and plays on his mini-harp. Timon is in grief: two warrior sisters, Astra and Deianeira, killed his brother. Now the melancholic musician wants blood.

The name of the second killer – Deianeira – may be familiar to you from the storyline quest The Fall Of Deianeira, in which you had to track down this Athenian champion. Having fulfilled Timon’s request, you will locate your target and significantly weaken her. Let’s go step by step.

Timon wants you to kill only Astra: the musician wants to show Deianeira how it fells like to lose a loved one. Go (by foot or by boat) to the northern shore of the lake where Astra has set up a training camp. In addition to her, you’ll find a few cultist guards there.

There are not many shelters in the protected area, so be ready for an open confrontation. First of all, deal with ordinary fighters, and then proceed to Astra. She uses a halberd in the battle. In long-range fight, she switches to a bow with poisonous arrows, so keep your finger on dodge button.

Having killed Astra, take a necklace and other perks from her corpse and return back to Timon. Give the amulet to the unfortunate guy – you can leave the jewel to yourself, but at this stage of the game you should not suffer from the lack of funds (which means that you do not need to be greedy) and offer him to join your crew.

Regardless of where Timon goes after the end of the quest, he will share information about the location of Deianeira. Most often, she can be found in the Oracle cave under the Reborn Hill.

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