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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Sins of the Past Quest Walkthrough

Sins of the Past Quest Walkthrough

Once you finish the quest Helping the Healer, you’ll be given a new one, provided that you agree to Lykaon’s request to accompany him to the house of his grandmother Praxithea. On the road to her home, the healer will tell you that she was not a completely honest oracle. It is possible that she was the one who doomed the protagonist’s family to suffering.

Lykaon wants to punish his grandmother but, having arrived at the site, finds his disgruntled sister – Praxithea has been recently kidnapped by bandits. To settle the grandson’s conflict of interests, you need to find the old woman.

A bracelet of the kidnapped woman is lying on the floor of the narrow veranda of the house. Simple thieves would not have left such a jewel unattended. In addition, the remains of a contract that tells about delivery of a ‘’cargo’’ lie under the tree. It is likely that Praxithea is the cargo mentioned in the contract.

Finally, talk to the peasant that stands on the side of the nearby road. His sister’s house was captured by bandits who settled in a camp to the west of this location. Having collected all three clues, return to Lykaon and report on your findings – the old woman was kidnapped, and she is kept alive.

However, her grandson intends to kill the old woman. You can try to dissuade him or try the romantic line in presence of his sister – there is no difference as in any case Lykaon will ask you to deal with the kidnappers. At this point, this quest will end, and a new one will begin.

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