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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Stairway to Olympos Quest Walkthrough

Stairway to Olympos Quest Walkthrough

In this quest, you will face against the Cyclops, one of four mythical being you need to defeat in order to achieve the Atlantis Ending. Defeating the Cyclops will also yield a powerful legendary Heavy Bladed weapon.

How to start: Speak with the man.

Description: Your first goal is to free the prisoner in Fort Murtex. After that you have to escort him to safety.

Your objective in Left to Dye is to get Empedokles’ key. The item is carried by one of the two enemies. Simply kill them and loot their bodies.

Stairway to Olympos may seem like the most difficult out of these three quests. You are going to face the Cyclops. However, the enemy is scaled to your level. Reach the Isle of Thisvi to face the monster.

The Cyclops isn’t difficult. Remember to attack his back. His dodges are rather slow – he makes a few steps forward. Attacking his back allows you to deal a lot of damage and avoid most of his attacks.

After depleting half of his health bar, the Cyclops rips out part of the wall. This allows the monster to deal area of effect damage. Move away from him and start using your bow. Aim at his eye to deal massive damage. However, this target is difficult to hit because the monster keeps guarding this spot. Instead, you should aim at his head or torso.

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Kill the monster to complete this quest. Besides XP, you also receive a new weapon – Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon.

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