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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Road to Symposium Walkthrough

The Road to Symposium

Welcome to Athens

  • After speaking with Herodotos, sail across the sea to reach Athens.
  • After docking, call your horse & meet Herodotos in the Pnyx.
  • A cutscene with Perikles & Kleon will initiate once you reach the Pnyx.
  • Talk to Perikles after he finishes his speech.
  • Perikles will give you three quests to finish before you get invited to his symposium – these can be done in any order.

Reward +6400 XP.

A Venomous Encounter

Go to the indicated house. It will turn out to be full of snakes – use your bow to eliminate the threat and free Metiochos Now go to the house of the attackers – there, you also have to kill the snakes. After you eliminate them, search the area. Examine vipers’ corpses, the dead body hidden behind the tree, and the letter on the top floor of the building.

A group of hostiles will then show up. You have to force them to tell you the truth about the attacks. Next, you have to decide whether to kill them or not. Either way, you will receive the information on the location where you can find the person ordering the attacks. Go there and kill the man. Return to Metiochos and tell him about everything. This way, you receive +4900 XP.

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Escape from Athens

Go to Phidias. In front of the door, you will meet a guard who does not want to let you in. You can attack him or pay 500 drachmas not to interrupt you breaking in. If you bribe him, he will appear later on and try to kill you.

Talk to Phidias and decide whether it is time to leave Athens. Go to the docks to the rendezvous point and talk to the man. If it is still daytime, wait until the evening and together go to the boat.

You have to reach the Seriphos island. On your way, enemy ships will attack you. We recommend you avoid them and do not bother to engage. Go directly to the island and leave the man there to receive 8250 XP.


  • Move into the city and meet with Perikles’s contact.
  • When you finish the cutscene, travel to the Logismos Building in the Agora.
  • Sneak around & steal the votes from the two vote boxes you can find in the vicinity.
  • After stealing the votes, make your way back to Perikles’s contact.
  • The cutscene will initiate and you’ll meet Sokrates.

Sneak In To Replace The Votes

You don’t need to confront the soldiers in the house to replace the votes. Simply sneak in & replace them when guards aren’t looking.

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Reward 7500 XP.

Perikles’s Symposium

Upon completing all quests, return to Perikles’s house. After all cutscenes, you will start two new quests: Drink Up and Oil and Love.

Perikles’s Symposium – continued

Talk to Socrates. After a while, Aspasia will show up. Talk to her and then go upstairs to talk to Perikles. Go back downstairs and leave the symposium to finish this quest.

At this point, you complete another chapter of the adventure – ahead of you is a new chapter, a much longer one that offers a sort of non-linearity in terms of selecting the order of completing consecutive tasks.

Drink Up

You will find Sophokles in one of the rooms. He will ask you to take the wine and ply Euripides with it. Agree – talk to the woman next to you and take the wine. Next, go to the main hall and encourage your target to keep drinking wine. Return to Sophokles and tell him about the incident to complete this quest and earn 7500 XP.

Oil and Love

Go to one of the rooms to find Alkibiades who is in the middle of having sex and will ask you to bring him oil. You can find it in the room with wine / Sophokles. Return to the man with a drink – if you want, your character can start romancing with Alkibiades. Talk to him to finish this quest and earn 7500 XP.

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