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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Serpent’s Lair Walkthrough

The Serpent’s Lair Walkthrough

Talk to Herodotos about the Cult of Kosmos. Then go downstairs in the disguise of a cultist. Your quest is to talk to the cultists and gather clues about the scale of their activities. There are a few minor decisions awaiting you, such as whether to punish one of the cultists or to sacrifice one’s blood – but they do not affect the course of events in any way. Some evidence can be found in separate parts of the cave when you walk on the water.

Finally, Deimos will appear, who is no other than the brother/sister of the main character. The chosen one will try to detect the spy. After the cutscene, go outside and talk with Herodotos about the whole incident and the quest will end. You will get +4625 XP. You will also unlock a new game mechanics – you can track and eliminate individual members of the Cult of Kosmos. This has been discussed on separate pages of our guide.

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